Wireless CarPlay has been a massive add to the current generation’s digital experience for several reasons. For one the current experience is lacking and CarPlay immediately solves that. Second is the excellent integration the our digital lives. With the new OS9, MINI aims to Crete an experience that makes CarPlay and Android Auto feel less required. But that doesn’t mean their going away.

With the all new OS9 powering the digital experience, MINI will not only continue to offer wireless CarPlay but will also add wireless Android Auto as well. In fact MINI is aiming to make both standard across not just the J01 MINI Cooper but the entire range of models.

Given the new circular OLED screen there’s been a lot of speculation on how this would work. Having gone hands-on with the new OS9 we have some answers. Both will work inside of the circular screen as a 4×3 rectangle allowing for the critical drive and climate functionally to be present and functional. That means we’ll see a slightly different layout from CarPlay putting the “dock” at the bottom.

Will you still use CarPlay or Android Auto if MINI’s new OS9 is as good as it seems? Let us know in the comments.