Last month we showed you the first ever photos of the 2025 MINI Cooper JCW Electric we spied while in Munich. However since then we’ve learned more about MINI first ever electric hot-hatch and when we’ll likely see it. We also captured an updated test mule this time with proper JCW wheels and brakes and even less camo.

2025 MINI Cooper JCW Electric – Power and Performance

We know from sources that MINI will be amping up the power of the electric JCW models far more than what we’ve seen in the ICE variants. In the Cooper JCW model we see here that figure will likely be 250 hp – a 22 hp gain over the ICE JCW. But more importantly will be the increase in torque and the immediacy of its delivery. That points to an upgraded electric motor under the hood and new software allowing for more aggressive throttle engagement among other things

With 250 hp and great grip courtesy of MINI’s advanced DSC Sport mode, we’d expect 0-60 times in the low 5 to even high 4 second range. That could be a full second faster than the current 228 hp JCW MINI Cooper.

New Exterior JCW Design Details

Let’s talk about what we can see through this camo starting with the front. The deeper front splitter extends out further and has a dual-center support for the first time. Also new is a single horizontal cross-member that spans the full width of the deeper tower air intake. Looking closer you can just make out the diagonal lines that connect to a bulge just in front of the wheels. That shape looks to be mirrored by the shape of the front lip as it extends diagonally upward at the same angle.

Unlike the mule we personally saw last month, this one doesn’t have that faux trim around the lights or that fake hood scoop.

The side sills are also more aggressive and extend further downward at the bottom of the car. Also there’s a new are element (that very noticeable bulge) just in front of the rear wheel that looks to have an identical diagonal angle to the front bumper styling. That is likely there to push air around the wider (likely 225 mm) tires.

Let’s talk about the wheels and tires. Unlike the earlier test mule, this car has real JCW wheels and tires. The wheels here are the 18” John Cooper Works Lap Spoke wheels likely wrapped in sticky summer only rubber.

For more about the new range of MINI wheels, read our exclusive report.

Finally around back we see two obvious JCW details. The first is the massive (for a MINI) rear defuser. Designed to literally suck the car to the pavement at speed, defusers help to limit the lift that is typically seen on cars like a MINI due to its unique aero properties. However it remains to be seen of this is a functional defuser or more of a styling element.

But there’s something else hiding in plain sight. Looking closer at the photos you begin to notice a rather interesting rear wing that looks almost like the original JCW GP wing. On the side there are vertical elements on the side design like that GP but in a more subtle and integrated way. An entirely new element is the two small fins that sit just inside of the edge of the wing that appear to be roughly the same width apart as the rear defuser.

Expected Electric MINI JCW Range

Power is up – way up with this new JCW. But with that we will see range decrease slightly. Why? MINI isn’t pulling back from making the JCW a true performance hatch and thus is using sticky rubber and aero that decreases lift but makes it slightly less slippery through the air.

2025 J01 MINI Cooper E2025 J01 MINI Cooper SE2026 J01 MINI JCW2023 F56 MINI Cooper SE
Horsepower181 hp215 hp250 hp*181 hp
Range200 miles (WLTP)250 miles (WLTP)TBA125 miles (WLTP)
Battery Size40kWh54kWh54kWh*32.6 kWh
* Confirmed through unofficial sources but unconfirmed by MINI

Our sources tell us that the JCW will get the same size battery as the Cooper SE. That would mean we’d see the estimated 250 miles range (WLTP) decrease a bit. How much? We could make an educated guess but it’s still a bit early. Note these are WLTP number. Final EPA numbers will be slightly lower due to the more stringent way they test.

MINI Cooper JCW Interior, Infotainment and Sound Design

Go-Kart Experience Mode in the J01 MINI Cooper S. Look for the JCW version to be even more motorsports oriented.

Given the incredible rich and varied digital experience that MINI has created for the J01 MINI Cooper electric, we’d expect the JCW variant to have its own UI, sounds and even lighting.

We’d also expect specific JCW seat design, fabrics and perhaps even a unique console accessory as well.

MINI Cooper JCW Electric Release And Pricing Info

As always we have exclusive details on not just performance but also production timing. According to sources the 2025 MINI Cooper JCW Electric will begin production in January of 2025. Initially it will be made exclusively in China via BMW’s venture with Great Wall Motors called Spotlight. That car will be sold in Asia, Europe and South America initially. At some point after launch we expect production expand to the Oxford UK plant which could coincide with the J01’s launch in the North American market. 

J01 MINI Cooper (BEV) / ChinaStart of Production
J01 MINI Cooper E11/2023
J01 MINI Cooper SE 11/2023
J01 MINI Cooper JCW*01/2025

Pricing is still TBD but we do expect MSRP to rise from what we see on the current MINI JCW. In the US that $35,400 price will likely be north of $40k by the time that markets gets the car. In German the currently 39.800€ will likely increase a similar amount.

Electric MINI JCW Photo Gallery