Since the 2001 R50 MINI, the brand has offered a surprisingly large and versatile way to get light int the cabin. And it makes sense as the design of the Cooper means the roof is massive for the size of the car. However for MINI’s next generation Cooper (the J01), some of that versatility will be going away.

Seen in a recent spy video posted on Instagram, the new J01 MINI Cooper electric will have a fixed sunroof. While we won’t go into details we know that are under embargo, we can verify what this video clearly shows us.

New MINI Cooper Electric

Why has MINI chosen to eliminate the ability to open the expansive glass sunroof? Several factors likely play a role. For one having a sunroof that opens reduces drag and would also reduce range. It’s also not the worst idea to take the small electric motor out of the roof and simplifying the design will remove weight exactly where you’d want to reduce it. The move it will also reduce longterm issues like leaking or even rattles that have plagued some cars in the past.

Finally it will reduce cost on a car that is intended to be the entry-point for the brand.

For those wanting an even simpler roof, MINI will continue to offer a non-roofed version if the car depending on model and market.

It’s a move we’re not that surprised by. In talking to MINI owners for years, quite a few have never even opened the sunroof in their cars. While we’ve love it and will miss the option, we wonder how many will truly even notice. What do you think? Let us know in the comments.