What if you could have the same MINI JCW that Bulldog Racing came in 2nd with at the 24 Hours of Nurburgring? Bulldog Racing is making that possible with the release of the Bulldog Racing Edition JCW designed and engineered for both the street and the track with the same components featured on the race car. What’s in it and how can you get one? Read on.

Bulldog racing, the MINI supported, independent race team has a long history of building race cars designed to tackle the ultimate track. And now with two years of experience racing MINI’s at the Nurburgring, they’ve built an impressive looking street car that is just as at home on the track.

Available for retrofit or as a new car, the Bulldog Racing Edition JCW comes with an incredible pedigree that’s hard to beat. Each model is built to customer specifications and individually setup-adjusted on the Nordschleife before delivery. The only rub for many of us is that it’s currently only available in Germany with no sales planned for the North American market.

“Finishing in second place and achieving the first podium for MINI after a gruelling 24 hours was a great achievement. The moment we crossed the finish line, the idea of sharing this moment with our fans was born. Our biggest challenge in developing the Bulldog Racing Edition was to keep it as close as possible to our race car while making sure it is still road legal.”

Alexander Schabbach, Managing Director of Bulldog Racing.

The Bulldog Racing Edition is based on a highly equipped MINI John Cooper Works with a 6-speed manual gearbox and an output of 231 hp / 170 kW with a maximum torque of 320 Nm. The engine and other modifications are either identical or inspired by the race car with just the safety features being left out.

Bulldog Racing will also tailor the build to each customer’s wishes. That will allow components to be installed individually according to the customer’s preferences.

The Bulldog Racing Edition – The Technical Details

The core of the edition is the KW V3 suspension, adjustable in compression and rebound damping which, among other things, increases grip, improves turn-in behaviour and increases safety at the limit. The suspension setup is carried out individually for each vehicle by one of Bulldog Racing’s professional drivers on the Nürburgring Nordschleife. The 17-inch OZ HyperGT alloy wheels in combination with the Remus brand sports exhaust give each vehicle an unobtrusive yet unmistakable appearance.

The car is shod with Pirelli P Zero Performance tires (size 205/45R17) – the same brand that the team used for the N24 earlier this year. Finally the Stern Performance Parts Clubsport set replaces the rear seat with a strut with fitting mesh and carpet. The resulting weight saving improves the performance and helps with rigidity.

In order to be able to cater to the widest possible range for individual desires, each car is customized according to the customer’s wishes and is therefore unique. Our special model shows what modifications we can make to the car. We are also pleased to be able to offer this service to customers with older MINIs of the current generation from 2014 onwards

Alexander Schabbach, Managing Director of Bulldog Racing.

One of the visual highlights on the exterior is the large Bulldog Racing roof decor foil, which traditionally adorns every race car of the team. Inside, each Bulldog Racing edition comes with an individual badge identifying the car as a numbered limited edition and documenting the day the suspension was set up on the Nordschleife, as well as various other discreet features.