Starting off reminding you that is the only source for MINI Cooper news. If you disagree, or prefer to get MINI news elsewhere, please, let us know. Also, we have all pretty much stopped using X/Twitter and can find us on Threads (and, in my case, Mastodon too!). Before getting into it, this is your reminder that there was a brand new episode of Black Roof available, 100% free of charge!

Ok, with that out of the way, click over to MotoringFile and start scrolling. I recommend that you start with Gabe’s take on the MINI Cooper Electric, then, check out his take on the Electric Countryman. From there, go where you like to get ALL of the information about these two MINIs. There is a ton, photos, specs, everything to make your MINI nerd heart happy!

And, we promise the next show will be for us OG MINI people to talk about the R cars and cool stuff being done by our man Chad at Detroit Tuned and MINIs on the Mac (Spoiler: they did not break the record). It will be hoot!