Today we have an exclusive first look at the new 2025 MINI Cooper Convertible – the last new internal combustion (ICE) MINI to be released. Code-named the F67, the new MINI Cooper Convertible will feature a raft of design and technology changes to bring it closer to the J01 electric MINI Cooper that debuted earlier this month. With one or two important exceptions.

First off let’s set some context. There will be no electric MINI Cooper Convertible in this next generation. While MINI is going big on electric cars, it’s focused solely on three models for the time being, the J01 Cooper, J05 Paceman and the U25 Countryman.

On the internal combustion side of things, the brand will be heavily revising the F56 platform (including the F57 Convertible and F55 five door) with the styling and tech from the J01. Crucially it will leverage a revised drivetrain of the F56 designed to meet Euro7 emission regulations. This is great news for those who aren’t ready for electric cars – as long as you don’t want a manual.

This means the F56 will be heavily revised as the F66 and (you guessed it) the F57 convertible will become the F67. What does heavily revised really mean? MINI will be refreshing the exterior design to better match the recently debuted J01 electric MINI Cooper. That means we’ll see revised lights front and rear and even a fractionally shortened front overhang on the F66.

2025 MINI Cooper Convertible

The F67 Will Retain the Current Vertical Taillights

The big exception of all of this change are the taillights. As we’ve recently reported (and these first images confirm), the F67 will retain the vertical rear taillights of the current F57 convertible. For those who dislike the new triangular taillights this will be a sigh of relief.

Why? According to sources the answer is fairly simple. MINI wasn’t able to fit the mechanical of the new lights in the rear tailgate of the existing tailgate of the convertible. Remember this isn’t an all new car but instead a heavily refreshed version of the F57 and thus wasn’t designed to accommodate the new all LED lights.

2025 MINI Cooper Convertible

What Else Do These Photos Show Us?

While MINI intends to blend the F66 family into the J01 as much as possible, there are areas where it will still look and feel more like the F56. The plastic wheel arches are one example of that and will be carried over.

Similarly there will be no changes to the top mechanism or design from the F57. However there are plenty of other design changes. Outside of the rear taillights, the key theme appears to be creating design consistency with the future of the brand – the all electric J01 MINI Cooper. The goal is clearly to unify the design language across all models allowing consumers to have a choice that feels strictly about the drivetrain and nothing else.

Looking beyond the camouflage, we can clearly tell this is a JCW Convertible due to the red brake calipers and the open air ducts on both sides of the front bumper. We also see that the F67 (and other ICE) will share wheels with the electric J01 MINI Cooper.

We can also see the distinct shape of MINI’s new circular OLED display through the windshield. Yes the revised F66, F67 and F65 will get the new infotainment system along with a full interior refresh aligning much (but not all) the interior to the J01 electric MINI Cooper.

2025 MINI Cooper Convertible

A Single Pipe Exhaust?

We’ve now seen a single exhaust pipe on both recent JCW prototypes. Could we see this actually come to market? We’re beginning to think so given a couple clues. For one we’ve seen this across multiple prototypes which typically a sign of production intent. Second the rear bumper outline around the exhaust looks final – despite the camo. The neatly integrated reverse light is a good example of why this looks final. Typically isn’t something typically done just for a prototype. Finally we wonder if MINI is making a point in moving from a double to single exhaust to visually minimize the emissions output from the car itself. To that point we’ve seen Cooper prototypes that have completely hidden exhausts.

F67 2025 MINI Cooper Convertible Won’t Get a Manual Transmission

For those reading MotoringFile this likely won’t be a total surprise as MINI had signaled they were done with the manual when the last F56 is built in early March 2024. That’s now been confirmed by MINI – the manual is dead and the last chance to order one is next February.

In its place will be a revised 7 speed dual clutch (DCT). The JCW model (seen in these photos) will feature specific software for more aggressive programing which should decrease shift times. The revised dual clutch transmission is just like the one offered in current Cooper and Cooper S models combining two partial transmissions in a single housing. The core element of the system consists of two oil-cooled wet clutches: one of these is responsible for the even transmission ratios (2, 4, 6) while the other is for the uneven ratios (1, 3, 5, 7) and reverse. During travel, one of the two clutches is open and the other is closed. They interact when the driver shifts up or down: opening one clutch activates closure of the second at the same time.

2025 MINI Cooper Convertible

Exclusive: 2025 MINI Cooper Convertible Production & Release Dates

And as you can see below in our exclusive look at the next generation MINI Cooper models, there will still be a lot to choose from across the internal combustion range from MINI. Engines will receive a notable power on the Cooper S but should remain the same as the F56 generation on the Cooper and JCW – at least for launch.

The New MINI FamilyDrivetrainPricingStart of Production
F66 MINI Cooper155 HP (Petrol)TBD07/2024
F66 MINI Cooper S200 HP (Petrol)TBD07/2024
F66 MINI Cooper JCW231 HP (Petrol)TBD11/2024
F65 MINI Cooper 5 DoorICE (Petrol)TBD07/2024
F65 MINI Cooper S 5 Door200 HP (Petrol)TBD07/2024
F67 MINI Cooper ConvertibleICE (Petrol)TBD11/2024 (est)
F67 MINI Cooper S Convertible200 HP (Petrol)TBD11/2024 (est)
F67 MINI Cooper JCW Convertible231 HP (Petrol)TBD03/2025 (est)

2025 MINI Cooper Convertible Photo Gallery

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