MINI USA sales are continuing their big increase in sales for 2023. The brand saw a 10.1% increase in sales in Q3 of 2023. That equates to 7,900 cars sold compared to 7,198 cars sold in Q3 of 2022. But looking at the entire year things are even more impressive.

With products that are the better part of a decade old, you’d be right to assume MINI Sales in the US would be lagging as the market looks to what’s coming. Yet that’s not at all what we’re seeing. For 2023 MINI USA has thus far seen a 18.7% increase with 22,769 vehicles sold compared to 19,185.

Leading the way was a massive increase in Countryman sales with a 71.8% increase in sales for the quarter. That’s help offset the 285 decrease in the two door hardtop and 10% drop in Clubman sales.