Single pipe. One pack. Solo stove. Whatever you want to call it MINI is doing something very different with the exhaust of the MINI Cooper S and JCW models for last generation of internal combustion cars. The move has been seen on testing prototypes and now our sources are confirming the design change.

The car pictured above and below is a F67 JCW convertible however we’ve seen the single exhaust on both the F66 Cooper S and JCW test mules over the last year. At first it was rather crude and appeared to be temporary. However as the test mules have progressed, we’ve seen clear signs production intent design elements.

In the exclusive image below you can see the single exhaust pipe and even some final production trim. Note the stainless steel sleeve on the outlet, the transversely mounted exhaust and even the aluminum shield underneath it. Look even closer and you’ll see the production version of the single LED reverse light just above the exhaust tip which (one could imagine) would look somewhat integrated with the cutout of the pipe.

In this exclusive zoomed in photo you can see a central exhaust and single pipe that looks to be in nearly final production form.
The current F56 Cooper S Exhaust design shows that the “dual exhaust” is nothing more than two small pipes from a single exhaust.

Why a single exhaust pipe? Let’s start with the exhaust itself. One thing that most don’t know is that the MINI Cooper S and JCW have had a single muffler system since the R56. The fact that two outlets came out the back has primarily been for aesthetics.

In fact there have been more than a few MINI race cars over the years that have gone with the exhaust single pipe design. Why? When asked they consistently have told us it’s both more power efficient and lighter. So in other words exactly what you want in both race cars and modern performance cars.

Why wouldn’t MINI have always had a single exhaust? It comes down to marketing and the very simple concept; two exhaust pipes means more power than one in the eyes of the car buying public. In fact you’ll see this on display later this year when the quad-exhaust JCW Countryman debuts.

Bulldog Racing’s 2022 24 Hours of Nurburgring race car was one of many racing MINIs that had a single pipe.

With MINI aggressively moving into electrification we also wonder if downplaying the exhaust in the smaller MINIs is almost a purposeful design decision as well? It would actually have some historical precedent as European automakers actually hid exhaust outlets on many of its V8 models in the late 90s and early 00s due to concerns of looking too aggressive. The larger, most luxurious Audis, Mercedes and BMWs all did this at one point or another. This hidden exhaust is something we’ve also seen on recent F66 MINI Cooper prototypes as well and may see for production.

The MINI JCW Team and its single exhaust at Road America

Single exhaust pipe or not, the next generation F66 MINI Cooper is coming very soon. Heavily based on the F56, the F66 generation will see the same engines (albeit only 2.0L four cylinders) and most of the same mechanicals. However there will be a move to restyle the car closer to the J01 electric MINI Cooper and add that cars radically new circular display and interior layout.

As you can see with our exclusive look below, MINI will continue to offer a wide variety of ICE models alongside it’s all new J01 electric MINI Cooper and U25 electric (and ICE) Countryman.

Most models will receive a notable power increase with the exception of the Euro Countryman JCW and the F66 JCW. Also note that the US will not be getting the Countryman C and will only receive the S and JCW.

The New MINI Countryman FamilyDrivetrainPricingStart of Production
U25 MINI Countryman C (1)167 HP (Petrol)39.900€11/2023
U25 MINI Countryman D (1)TBA42.900€11/2023
U25 MINI Countryman S ALL4 214 HP (Petrol)45.900€11/2023
U25 MINI John Cooper Works Countryman ALL4312 hp (2)56.500€03/2024
The New MINI Cooper FamilyDrivetrainPricingStart of Production
F66 MINI Cooper155 HP (Petrol)TBD07/2024
F66 MINI Cooper S200 HP (Petrol)TBD07/2024
F66 MINI Cooper JCW231 HP (Petrol)TBD11/2024
F65 MINI Cooper 5 DoorICE (Petrol)TBD07/2024
F65 MINI Cooper S 5 Door200 HP (Petrol)TBD07/2024
F67 MINI Cooper ConvertibleICE (Petrol)TBD11/2024 (est)
F67 MINI Cooper S Convertible200 HP (Petrol)TBD11/2024 (est)
F67 MINI Cooper JCW Convertible231 HP (Petrol)TBD03/2025 (est)
1. Not available in the US. 2. US HP figure – the EU will get 300 hp.

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