Working with its retail partners across Europe, MINI is rolling out direct sales in Europe starting with three countries; Italy, Poland and Sweden. This is the first step in MINI offering direct sales throughout Europe with the brand BMW brand to follow by 2026. What does this mean for European MINI stores? We’ve got answers.

Next year the BMW Group is poised to embark on an ambitious transformation of its sales strategy, heralding a paradigm shift in sales strategy across Europe. BMW will do this in multiple stages, with the maiden chapter commencing on January 1, 2024, as the MINI brand begins direct sales in Italy, Poland, and Sweden. Subsequently, the remainder of European nations will progressively follow suit, with the BMW brand slated for its transition beginning in 2026.

The new sales model promises a win-win scenario for customers, retail partners, and the BMW Group itself. It includes standardized pricing on equivalent vehicle models across the nation, ensuring an increase in pricing transparency and consistent sales and deliver experiences. Moreover, as the agency model gains momentum, the BMW Group is working to digitalize the entire purchase process, allowing customers the choice between a virtual or physical purchasing experience (or a combination of the two). This fluidity is made possible through a comprehensive, integrated IT infrastructure, further complemented by unfettered access to the familiar and tightly-knit retail network.

“This transition to direct sales with retail partners is a key milestone in the realignment of our Sales division, which has been ongoing since 2020. The new sales model will enable us to communicate directly with our customers and give the BMW Group a direct customer interface. The aim of our new sales model is very clearly to increase customer satisfaction and offer the best premium customer experience in the industry.”

Pieter Nota, Member of the Board of Management of BMW AG

With the new sales model firmly in place, the BMW Group will continue to rely on its existing network of retail partners, harnessing one of its intrinsic strengths – a highly functional and well-established sales structure. This novel approach was meticulously crafted through an extensive process, involving active engagement with retail partners. Pieter Nota expresses his gratitude, stating, “I would like to say a big thank-you to our retailers for their constructive cooperation and the very positive feedback they have given us by signing 100% of our MINI agency contracts. That’s clear confirmation of our plans to move forward together.” The BMW Group anticipates an enduring demand for personal customer interaction, with retail partners at the epicenter of this crucial interaction.

According to BMW, the agency model allows current retailers a forward-looking foundation for their business, replete with enhanced planning certainty. Key to this is retailers being reimbursed through a calculated fixed commission for each vehicle sold. This compensation structure will extend to online transactions, ensuring that retailers are duly rewarded for vehicle deliveries. The new sales model allows them to channel their energies towards providing top-tier customer consultations and care, along with unfettered access to a much larger inventory of MINIs. Feedback from retailers has been overwhelmingly positive, as all European partners have already inked contracts for this new sales model.

The best part for consumers; effective immediately, customers in Italy, Poland, and Sweden have the ability to pre-order for the new all-electric MINI Cooper and the new MINI Countryman 100% online.