The all new 2025 MINI Countryman finally has US pricing, performance and range figures. They’ve also confirmed what we’ve reported for almost a year; MINI is killing the base ICE model (formally known as the Cooper) in the US and won’t offer the base electric Countryman E either. But there are a few surprises, notably performance and range figures.

The ICE powered 2024 Countryman S will start at $38,900 in the US. That will get you a fairly well equipped car but certainly not loaded. We’d expect roughly a $10k swing between this new base S model and a fully loaded version.

The other news is that this new Countryman S model will have 241 hp and 295 lbs of torque from its mild hybrid 2.0 liter. That’s more than a 50 hp increase and more than the original F60 JCW model from just five years ago.

The electric Countryman SE will start at $45,200. That’s JCW territory but then again it has more than JCW performance. With 313 hp and a staggering 363 lbs of torque, this Countryman can get to 60 mph in only 5.6 seconds.

Perhaps more important to many potential owners will be the range. MINIUSA is quoting a range of 245 miles. That’s substantially above our previous 225 mile estimate and coupled with 130 kW DC fast charging, is good news for would be owners. 

But it’s still not the final EPA figures so keep that in mind – those will come in early January. The official number of MINI has been 270 miles on the WLTP testing cycle. We typically use a 18% reduction from the WLTP number when estimating what we would see from EPA figures. the less stringent WLTP which got us around 225 miles. This 245 mile number might be MINI USA estimating what that EPA figure is to give potential owners an idea of what to expect.

Order banks are now open and like previous limited edition MINIs, you can pre-order online at

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