MINI OS9 and its integration of CarPlay and Experience Modes is unlike anything we’ve see from MINI or an other automaker. We recently had a chance to go hands-on with the new operating system at the debut of the 2025 MINI Countryman JCW and found a lot to love along with a lot of new functionality not yet talked about. Watch below as we walk through it all.

MINI is reinventing every aspect of the brand and it starts not just with what’s under the hood but what’s on the dash. As you can see this is s very different kind of experience from MINI and one that sets the brand apart in new ways.

The circular OLED screen is 9.5” (240 mm) wide however, because of the bottom cutout, measures about 9” in height. While it may seem like unusual design given the rectangles we’re all used to, it feels very natural in person thanks to the way MINI has organized the information. The “Charismatic Simplicity” design language (as MINI calls it) is focused on both minimalism and a bit of MINI character. The circular OLED display seamlessly accommodates both static and dynamic elements, with a clear and intuitive hierarchy (despite the shape). 

mini CarPlay mini os9

This is all made possible not just by talented strategists and designers but a very thoughtful technical approach leveraging Android. Yes you read that right. But it’s not the Android you all know. It’s actually the Android Open Source Project (AOSP) software stack which does several things for MINI. For one it allows MINI to leverage the massive scale of the Android App store of which MINI will create their own subset.

But more importantly it allows MINI to leverage the army of Android engineers worldwide meaning that the platform MINI will rely on for future innovation is open and has a bright future. But don’t mistake the software stack as influencing the user experience. That’s 100% MINI’s own thinking and execution built on top of what is invisible but powerful technology.

This new system will come to all MINIs over the next few months starting with the U25 Countryman and J01 MINI Cooper EV. In March it’ll be a part of the petrol powered F66 MINI Cooper and ultimately the J05 MINI Aceman EVC crossover late next year.

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