Recently we got a sneak preview of the first all electric MINI Cooper JCW via the J01 MINI Cooper with the JCW Trim. While it looks impressive, there’s a real electric JCW is coming in two distinct flavors and sooner than you might think.

2025 will see the introduction of both the first electric MINI Cooper JCW And the Aceman JCW. With these two models MINI will usher in new area of performance for the brand that will likely eclipse what we thought was possible from MINIs.

The all electric J01 MINI Cooper JCW will be mechanically revised with a JCW specific software settings. Like the F56 Cooper JCW, it will have a more aggressive suspension, larger four pot brakes up front and (most importantly) more power.

These same modifications will be carried over directly to the larger MINI Aceman JCW crossover. While the suspension tuning will be slightly different, our sources tell us the power output will be identical.

mini cooper jcw
The electric MINI Aceman JCW will be mechanically identical to the electric Cooper JCW

J01 MINI Cooper JCW & J05 MINI Aceman JCW Power Output

As you can see in the table below, the SE versions of both the Cooper SE and Aceman SE are nearly the same power as the current F56 Cooper JCW. And in fact it has more 7 lbs more torque.

ModelsJ01 Cooper SEJ05 Aceman SE
Power218 hp218 hp
Torque243 lb-ft243 lb-ft
Transmission1 speed1 speed
0-60 mph6.7 secTBA
Range 250 milesTBA
Length (mm/inches)3858 mm / 151.8 in4079 mm / 161 in
Width w/o Mirros (mm/inches)1756 mm / 69 in1754 mm / 69 in
Height (mm)1460 mm / 57 in1514 mm / 59.6 in
Wheelbase (mm)2526 mm / 99 in2606 mm / 102.6 in
Curb weight (kg/lbs)1605 kg / 3,538 lbs1710 kg / 3,770 lbs
Weight distribution (Front/Rear)F 57% / R 43%TBD
Front Overhang746 mm / 29.3 in756 mm / 29.8 in
Rear Overhang586 mm / 23 in717 mm / 28.2 in
Luggage capacity (seats up/seats down210 / 800 L450 / 1450 L
The SE versions of the Cooper and the Paceman substantially up the power in comparison to the F56 Cooper S.

What could this mean for the all hew electric MINI JCW? While we don’t have any hard data yet, we’d guess that we’ll see at least 260 hp and even more torque. The limiting factor will traction given that both the Cooper JCW and the Aceman JCW will remain front wheel drive only.

This takes us to what’s under the hood – or under the floor. Our sources tell us that battery size will remain the same as the SE models. Because of the increased performance we’d expect range to decrease a bit – perhaps as much as 5-10%.

2024 J01 MINI Cooper E2024 J01 MINI Cooper SE2025 J01 MINI JCW2025 J01 MINI JCW
Horsepower184 hp218 hp250+ hp*250+ hp*
Range (WLTP)200 miles250 milesTBATBA
Range (EPA)150 miles (Estimated)200 miles (Estimated)TBATBA
Battery Size40kWh54kWh54kWh*54kWh*
All numbers provided by MINI except * which are confirmed only through unofficial sources.

mini cooper jcw

2025 MINI Cooper JCW & Aceman JCW Exterior Design

What you see above will be extremely close to the final J01 Cooper JCW. The big changes over the standard Cooper SE is the body kit and wheels. A theme throughout is the new JCW logo which inspires stylistic elements in the grille and wheel designs.

Looking at the car above you also see a distinctly more aggressive look thanks to the new aerokit. The front splitter literally is split with an interesting center separation that is certainly distinct. The side has some subtle horizontal lines that appear functionless which of course is a bit head scratching given how MINI has gone to great lengths to connect design elements to functional needs. However things get much better on the side with a subtle side skirt.

Around back things get even more interesting with an aggressive looking diffuser and almost GP-like rear wing.

The 18-inch wheels in Lap Spoke 2-tone design with ten spokes each will be offered on the new Cooper JCW but will have a larger system complete with red brake calipers. There will be unique Chili Red design elements on the front and rear which will mark the full JCW models out over MINIs with the JCW Trim.

Finally colors. MINI has eliminated the much loved JCW exclusive Rebel Green and replaced it with a less exclusive Legend Grey. Why less exclusive? Because MINI is also offering it on the JCW Trim which adds all of these visual elements to any non-JCW car. Also gone is the optional white roof. Instead MINI will offer only the JCW roof in Chili Red, Black or body color.

mini cooper jcw

2025 JCW Interior Design

The JCW seats seen in the JCW Trim above are rumored be the final seats we’ll see on the full JCW model. They combine synthetic leather with red stitching and multi-coloured knitted material in the shoulder section. The black and red colour concept is continued on the 2d-knit covering the interior of the door and the dashboard – the passenger side of which is has the JCW-specific pattern in style of a chequered flag.

The central, high-resolution OLED display with a diameter of 240 mm bundles vehicle-related data and provides information on navigation, media, telephone and climate settings. The JCW will have its own MINI Experience Modes – GO-KART Mode. This mode changes the display and interior lighting anthracite red. In addition to the special GO-KART sound, the optimized throttle response of the accelerator pedal in this mode enhances the sporty driving experience. The full JCW will likely have further driving enhancements like drift mode.

2025 Electric MINI Cooper JCW & Aceman JCW Production Timing

The big news here is that MINI is already almost done with the electric MINI Cooper JCW and MINI Aceman JCW development. Both cars will debut later in 2024 and will begin production in January 2024 in China. Both cars will expand production to MINI’s Oxford Plant in the UK in 2026 paving the way for North American deliveries. Until then look for the electric MINI Cooper JCW and MINI Aceman JCW to be exclusively available in Asia, Europe and South America.

But this isn’t the only new JCW offering MINI will be unveiling next year. MINI will be kicking off production of an entirely different Cooper JCW with the petrol power that you can read about here.