Despite a product portfolio that’s up to ten years old, MINI USA’s sales grew by an impressive 13.5% in 2023 compared to 2022. It’s a result that speaks to the product quality and the aggressiveness of lease and finance offers. But what models saw the most growth and what does that mean for the future models that are about to launch in the US? Let’s take a look.

MINI countryman

What Models Are Selling?

Yes technically the convertible saw almost a 65% sales increase year over year. But it’s the Countryman’s 13.5% increase that made the bigger difference given how many units were sold. Add to that the increase in profit MINI makes on its largest car and you clear can see why MINI is eager to listen to consumers by making the Countryman larger and building more crossovers.

MINI countryman

Interestingly the two and four door Cooper saw a sizable decrease in sales overall. But let’s look at the Convertible again. An almost 65% increase in sales certainly supports MINI’s decision to continue to make an open top car with the forthcoming 2025 F67 Convertible. Could convertibles be poised to make a comeback as a response to a world dominated by large SUVs?

MINI countryman
The Clubman, the best car MINI makes limps off into the sunset.

What’s amazing to us is just how poor the Clubman sells compared to the Countryman. We’ve gone on record many times in our preference for the Clubman over the Countryman but it seems that America cannot get enough of high-riding crossovers – including in MINI form.

Now let’s take a look at the sales over the years. This is where it gets really interesting.

Calendar YearsMINI USA Sales

At first glance it seems awfully depressing. But keep in mind that MINI USA and its dealers have seen some of its highest profits ever over the last few years. More cars are being sold at sticker and profits have increased accordingly. In other words 2020 had the effect of reseting MINI USA and its dealers allowing them to focus more on having customers order cars and stocking less. According to MINI has the added effect of creating a greater bond between those customers and the brand. Similar to what they saw in the earliest days of MINI is the US.

MINI countryman

What This Means for 2024

What’s clear is that there’s renewed interest in the brand. We can see that in our stats alone. But more importantly MINI has a slew of new products coming to market that look poised to take these numbers even higher. The U25 Countryman is tailored for the US market and will likely eclipse the F60 sales numbers quickly. The new (almost) F66 MINI Cooper will be a huge leap for a lot of folks and (as long as you don’t want a manual) should see a positive reception. Add to this all new five door, convertible and JCW models and you have what looks to be MINI’s biggest year of new products for the US market ever.

MINI countryman