The MINI Aceman technically Replaces the Clubman in the line-up But the Dimensions Tell a very different story

The new MINI Aceman EV is meant to slot in below the larger and more powerful Countryman. But just how small is it and how does it compare with its larger sibling? Today we have an exclusive look at the dimensions of the Aceman and how it stacks up to not just the new Countryman but the previous generations as well. What they show will surprising you.

Size Differences: Aceman vs Countryman

The Aceman is a small crossover that is effectively replacing the Clubman in the MINI line-up. But in reality it doesn’t replacement the Clubman at all as it’s both smaller and designed as a crossover rather than a wagon. Instead think of it as a product that fills the void left when the Countryman grew in size from the original R60 model to the recent F60 model in 2015.

Case in point, the Aceman’s length. In photos it’s hard to tell because the tall belt-line and large wheels. But the length is actually bigger than it might initially look. The MINI Aceman measures in at be 4079mm / 161 in in length. That’s a full 14″ shorter than the 4444mm / 175 in new U25 Countryman.

ModelsJ05 AcemanR60 Countryman (’10-’16) F60 Countryman (’17-’23)U25 Countryman (’24-’32)
Length4079 mm / 161 in4097 mm / 161.3 in4298 mm / 169.2 in4429 mm / 174.37 in
Height1514 mm / 59.6 in1562 mm / 61.5 in1557 mm / 61.3 in1613 mm / 63.5 in
Wheelbase2526 mm / 99.44 in2596 mm / 102.2 in2670 mm / 105.1 in2670 mm / 105.11 in

But things get really interesting when you compare the Aceman to the original 2010 R60 Countryman. The R60 was 4119mm / 162.2in long making that original Countryman slightly larger than the new Aceman. Similarly when you look and height and wheelbase the Aceman is also fractionally smaller. However while the R60 has a larger footprint, things look a bit different inside.

For instance the R60 Countryman’s front shoulder width is 1341mm / 52.8in. By contrast the new Aceman offers over an inch more room for front passengers with a width of 1370mm / 53.9. Not surprisingly the same is true for front legroom. There the R60 has 1025mm / 40.4in while the smaller Aceman is slightly more comfortable with 1045 mm / 41.1in of room in the front.

Not unlike the original classic Mini, the Aceman is great at being small on the outside while being surprisingly rooms inside. This is a result of clever packaging thanks to MINI using a bespoke electric platform.

Aceman Specifications vs the Electric U25 Countryman SE

Now let’s take a look at the full specs and how that compares to the new electric Countryman SE. Here you’ll see some clear distinctions that MINI has made to separate these two products. The most obvious (beyond size) is power and number of wheels drive. Yes, the Aceman is a solely front wheel drive vehicle.

ModelsJ05 Aceman E J05 Aceman SEU25 MINI Countryman SE
Power184 hp 218 hp313 hp
Torque214 lb-ft243 lb-ft365 lb-ft
Transmission1 speed1 speed1 speed
Wheels DrivenFront Wheel DriveFront Wheel DriveAll Wheel Drive
Length (mm/inches)4079 mm / 161 in4079 mm / 161 in4444 mm / 175 in
Width w/o Mirros (mm/inches)1754 mm / 69 in1754 mm / 69 in1843 mm / 73 in
Height (mm)1514 mm / 59.6 in1514 mm / 59.6 in1661 mm / 65 in
Wheelbase (mm)2606 mm / 102.6 in2606 mm / 102.6 in2670 mm / 105.1 in
Curb weight (kg/lbs)1645 kg / 3,627 lbs1710 kg / 3,770 lbs1735 kg / 3,825 lbs
Luggage capacity (seats up/seats down300 / 1005 liters300 / 1005 liters450 / 1450 L

Weight is interesting here as we see just how MINI has mitigated the heavy battery. While a 3,600 lbs car can’t be considered light, it is for a four door electric crossover. The other number that jumps out is just how close the wheelbase is to the Countryman. This shows MINI has pushed the wheels to the corners as much as possible.

In many ways the Aceman is small where it matters and big where it counts.

Because of this close relationship with the J01 both the battery and the electric motor output are identical. The downside of this move is that range will be lower in the Aceman given the weight penalty.

Another carry over is wheels driven. As we mentioned above the Aceman is exclusively front wheel drive. That’s because the J01 chassis not designed to offer a two engine layout which allows for all wheel driven electric vehicles. This engineering choice unfortunately means the Aceman as little if no off-road credentials other than well groomed trails.

J05 MINI Aceman Release Info

The MINI Aceman will initially be built in China by a joint venture with Great Wall Motors. We believe those vehicles will be sold in Asia and Europe exclusively. Then in 2026 MINI will move some of that production to Oxford along with the J01 MINI Cooper EV. These cars coming out of the UK will serve Europe and likely the North American markets and will allow MINI to avoid tariffs as it begins US imports in the 2026 calendar year. While it’s too early have a full picture of cost, we’d expect finally pricing to be 10-15% cheaper than the U25 Countryman EV.

The Aceman is just one part of the 4th generation MINI family but a key one in its strategy to go all electric. Here’s a full view of the fourth generation MINIs and where it slots in.

The New MINI FamilyDrivetrainStart of Production
The J01 Electric MINI Cooper
J01 MINI Cooper EElectric11/2023
J01 MINI Cooper SE Electric11/2023
The U25 MINI Countryman
U25 MINI Countryman CICE (Petrol)11/2023
U25 MINI Countryman D ICE (Diesel)11/2023
U25 MINI Countryman E Electric03/2024
U25 MINI Countryman S ALL4ICE (Petrol)11/2023*
U25 MINI Countryman SE ALL4Electric03/2024*
U25 MINI John Cooper Works Countryman ALL4ICE (Petrol)03/2024*
The F66 Petrol MINI Cooper
F66 MINI CooperICE (Petrol)03/2024*
F66 MINI Cooper SICE (Petrol)03/2024*
F66 MINI Cooper JCWICE (Petrol)07/2024*
F65 MINI Cooper 5 DoorICE (Petrol)07/2024*
F65 MINI Cooper S 5 DoorICE (Petrol)07/2024*
F67 MINI Cooper ConvertibleICE (Petrol)11/2024*
F67 MINI Cooper S ConvertibleICE (Petrol)11/2024*
F67 MINI Cooper JCW ConvertibleICE (Petrol)11/2024*
The J05 Electric MINI Aceman
J05 MINI AcemanElectric11/2024
J05 MINI Aceman SElectric11/2024
J05 MINI Aceman JCWElectric01/2024
* Available in the US

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