MINI USA has announced performance figures, pricing and some other surprises specific to the US market. Some of the news won’t be a shocker if you’ve been reading MotoringFile while some (the pricing) is news we’ve been waiting for.

Let’s start with the name. The Cooper C that the rest of the world will get will continue to be known simply as the Cooper in the US. That’s likely for two reasons. First the US won’t get the Countryman C so the new naming convention really won’t have any precedent in the US. Second it will help avoid confusion and make it easier for potential buyers to shop against the previous model. The Cooper S will remain the Cooper S.

MINI USA F66 MINI Cooper Pricing

With a substantial upgrade in standard equipment, prices have risen a bit. The F56 Cooper had an MSRP of $25,800. That’s going up to $28,950. The Cooper S rises from $30,900 to $32,200. Standard equipment details will come soon but from what we hear there will be more performance and tech (heads up display for example) for that base price. Details to come.

USA Specific MINI Cooper Performance Figure

In the US power and torque can be measured slightly differently and thus we sometimes see variations of European figures. Interestingly that’s only the case with one model. The Cooper produces 156 hp the same as the UK and Europe. The Cooper S however is rated at 201 hp with is a 3 hp decrease from those UK and EU figures. However that’s very likely the result of measurement protocols and not output changes. The torque remains the same at 221 ft lbs. That takes the Cooper S to 60 mph in 6.3 seconds – JCW territory from a few years ago.

MINI USA Launch Dates for the F66 MINI Cooper

While both the Cooper and Cooper S begin production in March, the US won’t see the cars as quickly as the UK and Europe. For the US we expect the Cooper S to begin sales in late April or early May. For the Cooper the US should get deliveries from July production onward. That would mean dealers could see them in mid to late August.