The new MINIs have been announced and even priced but if you’re in the US there’s still no way to configure them. How long do we have to wait and what models will be in the new configurator? We’ve got all the details.

MINIUSA will be launching its all new configurator in mid-March. The new experience will include the new F66 MINI Cooper, Cooper S, U25 Countryman Cooper S and Countryman JCW at launch.The Countryman SE, four door Cooper, Convertible Cooper and Cooper JCW following later in the year.

F66 MINI Cooper US Market Details 

With a substantial upgrade in standard equipment, prices have risen a bit. The F56 Cooper had an MSRP of $25,800. That’s going up to $28,950. The Cooper S rises from $30,900 to $32,200. Standard equipment details will come soon but from what we hear there will be more performance and tech available (ie heads up display) for that base price.

USA Specific MINI Cooper Performance Figure

In the US power and torque can be measured slightly differently and thus we sometimes see variations of European figures. Interestingly that’s only the case with one model. The Cooper produces 156 hp the same as the UK and Europe. The Cooper S however is rated at 201 hp with is a 3 hp decrease from those UK and EU figures. However that’s very likely the result of measurement protocols and not output changes. The torque remains the same at 221 ft lbs. That takes the Cooper S to 60 mph in 6.3 seconds – JCW territory from a few years ago.

MINI USA Launch Dates For The F66 MINI Cooper 

While both the Cooper and Cooper S begin production in March, the US won’t see the cars as quickly as the UK and Europe. For the US we expect the Cooper S to begin sales in late April or early May. For the Cooper the US should get deliveries from July production onward. That would mean dealers could see them in mid to late August.

The 2025 MINI Countryman US Market Details

The internal combustion (ICE) powered 2025 Countryman S will start at $38,900 in the US. That will get you a fairly well equipped car but certainly not loaded. MINI will not use all of the trim names and levels we’ve seen in the UK and Europe but instead create their own that will be similar to what we see currently. Expect roughly a $10k swing between this new base S model and a fully loaded version.

In a big change the entry level Countryman in the US will actually be the S. It’s also getting a big upgrade 241 hp and 295 lbs of torque 2.0 liter. That’s more than a 50 hp increase and more than the original F60 S model from just five years ago.

One interesting note, the US will not incorporate a mild hybrid system into this engine due to cost and weight trade-offs. Since there’s less stringent efficiency standards in the US there’s really no need to.

The 2025 MINI Countryman SE

The electric Countryman SE will start at $45,200. That’s JCW territory but then again it has more than JCW power. With 313 hp and a staggering 363 lbs of torque, this Countryman can get to 60 mph in only 5.6 seconds. 

Perhaps more important to many potential owners will be the range. MINIUSA is quoting a range of 245 miles. That’s substantially above our previous 225 mile estimate and coupled with 130 kW DC fast charging, is good news for would be owners. 

But it’s still not the final EPA figures so keep that in mind – those will come in early January. This 245 mile number is what MINI USA is estimating by looking at performance in the EU and doing their own calculations.

The 2025 MINI Countryman JCW

This new halo model will have an output of 312 hp in the US with 295 ft lbs of torque. That number, 36 ft lbs lower than the previous generation) has been reduced due to the limitation of the new DCT. However with the improved power and power delivery, acceleration is still just over 5 seconds to 60 mph.

The JCW will begin production in March and will arrive to dealers in the US around the May timeframe.