The electric J01 MINI Cooper is a watershed moment for the brand. It’s the first ever dedicated electric vehicle from MINI and one that ushers in an entirely new era of design and technology for the brand. While we’ve seen a lot of the higher-end Cooper SE, we haven’t gotten a look at the base Cooper E. Until now.

We’re looking at the all new MINI Cooper E with the Classic Trim finished in vibrant Sunny Side Yellow. In this trim level, the surfaces of the cockpit are covered with two-tone black and blue knit material. The seats are finished in Vescin and are available in gray or black with a perforated houndstooth pattern.

mini cooper

Cooper E Performance

As the entry point for the range, the Cooper E has a smaller 40.7 kWh (compared to the in the Cooper SE’s 54.2 kWh) which delivers 305 kilometers (190 miles) in the WLTP test cycle. This is down from the 402 km (250 miles) in the SE. Both offer the same charging speed – 28 minutes of charging with a DC output of up to 75 kW is enough to charge the MINI Cooper E battery from 10 to 80 percent.

The 135 kW/184 hp electric drive can access the maximum torque of 290 Nm at any time allowing for 0 to 100 km/h in 7.3 seconds. That’s off but not by much from the Cooper SE’s 6.7 seconds.

For an exhaustive view of the specifications of the Cooper E and how it compares with the J01 Cooper SE and the previous F56 Cooper SE, check out our exclusive look at specifications below.

ModelsJ01 Cooper EJ01 Cooper SEF56 Cooper SEJ05 Aceman SE
Power184 hp 218 hp181 hp 218 hp
Torque214 lb-ft243 lb-ft199 lb-ft243 lb-ft
Transmission1 speed1 speed1 speed1 speed
0-100 kp/h or 0-60 mph7.3 sec (0-62 mph)6.7 sec (0-62 mph)7.2 sec (0-60 mph)TBA
Range 190 miles250 miles140 milesTBA
Battery Size40.7 kWh54.2 kWh32.6 kWh54.2 kWh
Length (mm/inches)3858 mm / 151.8 in3858 mm / 151.8 in3850 mm / 151.5 in4079 mm / 161 in
Width w/o Mirros (mm/inches)1756 mm / 69 in1756 mm / 69 in1727 mm / 68 in1754 mm / 69 in
Height (mm)1460 mm / 57 in1460 mm / 57 in1432 mm / 56.4 in1514 mm / 59.6 in
Wheelbase (mm)2526 mm / 99 in2526 mm / 99 in2495 mm / 98.2 in 2606 mm / 102.6 in
Curb weight (kg/lbs)1540 kg / 3395 lbs1605 kg / 3,538 lbs1440 kg / 3175 lbs1710 kg / 3,770 lbs
Weight distribution (Front/Rear)F 58% / R 42%F 57% / R 43%F 54% / R 46%TBD
Front Overhang746 mm / 29.3 in746 mm / 29.3 in757 mm / 29.8756 mm / 29.8 in
Rear Overhang586 mm / 23 in586 mm / 23 in681 mm / 26.8 in717 mm / 28.2 in
Luggage capacity (seats up/seats down210 / 800 L210 / 800 L211 / 941 L450 / 1450 L

The Cooper E starts at €32,900 in Germany or £30,000 in the UK. The first reviews should hit in April with sales beginning in May.