The all new 313 hp MINI Countryman JCW is here and it’s a big deal. Literally it’s the longest, tallest, widest and heaviest MINI ever sold. So how can it possible live up to the MINI name? As it turns out quite well. In fact in our time with the new Countryman JCW we came away shocked and just how poised and engaging this car is compared to its predecessor.

After a long day of tackling mountain roads, narrow backroads and sweeping coastal highways we learned a lot about this new Countryman. And if you’ve read our full written review, you’ll know were had a lot to say. But in this video you’ll see me in immediate reaction mode as I assess what I’ve been driving and how it feels compared to previous Countryman JCW and even how it fits within the historical MINI ranges of cars.

So follow along with me as I empty my my thought into the camera after a long day with the new Countryman JCW. And comment below, we’d love to hear what you think.