The new MINI Countryman JCW is our first look at the new MINI family and with it numerous features and functionality that we’ve never seen in MINIs before. Here are a few of our favorites. 

There were so many things we experienced and uncovered in our time with the new MINI Countryman JCW that we just didn’t have room for in our official video review. So we thought we’d make an entirely different review of nothing but the small clips we took on our phone as got to know this new MINI.

First up is the behind the scenes of our full Countryman JCW review. This is all the footage we took with our phones of all the cool things we discovered and experiences in our time with the U25 JCW. In this video you’ll find the new start interaction, augmented reality navigation, autonomous driving features, seat massaging, experience mode settings, a lack of exhaust sound, cool camera tricks and on the fly driving impressions.

Make sure to watch our full video and read our written review for the full story.