We’ve had a lot of questions from readers around every aspect of the new F66 MINI Cooper. Seemingly everyone is wanting to know more about colors, options, wheels and especially trim packages. So we wanted to put together our own ordering guide that can be your cheat code when ordering a new 2025 F66 MINI Cooper.

MINI Cooper Availability and Ordering Process for the US

With the new styles MINI USA is offering a wide variety of design elements. This along with MINI USA’s trims means ordering a new F66 MINI Cooper is a bit more confusing than before. However if you remember the basics it’s fairly straight forward. The first step of course is the model. The Cooper and Cooper S have been announced and we’ll see official news on the JCW this fall.

It’s also important to note that the US has a slightly different production schedule that the rest of the world for the F66. The Cooper S has already begun production and will arrive at dealers in late April for May sales. However US bound Coopers won’t start production until July which means those cars wont reach US shores until August.

MINI USA’s F66 MINI Cooper Styles

This is where things get a bit confusing. In addition to Trims (which MINI USA has offered for years) we now have “styles”. These styles are just the start as we may see one or two added and maybe even a name change.

In the mean time we have classic and favoured. The differences can be summed up simply – one is dark and one is light. One has matte black trim inside and out while one has a light gold color (MINI calls this Vibrant) trim inside and out.

These changes are summed up above. For those looking for even more variation – we’re told there’s a lot coming in the future including some wild dashboard designs.

Sport Seats vs JCW Seats

MINI has completely rethought the design of their seats to accomplish several goals; save weight, reduce complexity and allow the seats to fit more body types more comfortably. While reducing some of the elements in the seats, they’ve also added a few; massage and ventilation options are now available. They’ve also made electric seats optional on all models – even the Cooper. Finally MINI has fully eliminated leather and have moved to a proprietary material called Vescin. In total that represents a massive shift in what MINI has offered since it’s relaunch in 2001.

Across all new MINI models there will be two different seats. But unlike the previous MINI seats in the F Series cars, they share almost same overall design. However there are a couple of differences. The standard sport seats have slightly flatter bolsters on both the lower cushion and seat back. These renders don’t show the differences but they are there (albeit subtle ones). The JCW sport seats also have an integrated headrests similar to the current F Series JCW seats. However crucially both do not offer extendable thigh-bolsters as previously in the optional sport seats. 

On paper that sounds like an unfortunate cost cutting move that would make the new seats less supportive. In our brief time we can tell you that doesn’t appear to be the case. The new seat cushion is longer and while doesn’t quite reach the length the extendable bolsters do, they’ll likely be close enough for most. In addition the electric seats we tested have the ability to move the thigh bolster upward which is intended to take the place of the manual extending bolster. And in our testing it all works pretty well. Despite being 6? 2? I was immediately felt comfortable and felt plenty of thigh support. Compare that to the R50 or R56 seats and these are noticeably longer and out of the box more comfortable.

F66 MINI Cooper Standard Features

MINI USA has made some big change in the amount of standard features on the Cooper. Notably many of what you see below are not standard in most markets. This points to MINI USA pushing for higher value for the base car Cooper and Cooper S. Here’s a list of interior standard features and functionality:

• 90% Recycle Textile Dash and Door Topper.
• 9.4 inch Round OLED Screen
• Panoramic Moonroof (vents and opens as before)
• Large Wireless Charging Tray
• Dual-Zone Automatic Climate Control
• Heated Front Seats
• Heated Steering Wheel
• Vibrant Silver Accents
• Vescin Leather-Free Upholstery
• MINI Navigation
• MINI Head-up Display
• Experience Modes
• Dynamic Cruise

F66 MINI Cooper Exterior Colors

MINI USA will be offering more colors as the year progresses with colors like Slate Blue coming online in July). At launch the F66 will be available with four classic and four new colors. However there are some differences in what the Cooper and Cooper S will offer. Note that most of these colors are no charge (NC) when combined with the signature plus trim and all are no charge on the Iconic trim.

F66 MINI CooperF66 MINI Cooper S
Melting Silver III C6B / $650Melting Silver III C6B / $650
Midnight Black C4R / $650Midnight Black C4R / $650
Nanuq White C6A / $650Nanuq White C6A / $650
British Racing Green IV C3B / $650
Chili Red II C74 / NCChili Red II C74 / NC
Ocean Wave Green C6M / $650
Blazing Blue C6K / $650Blazing Blue C6K / $650
Sunny Side Yellow C6N / $650

F66 MINI Cooper Wheel Options

MINI USA will offer five MINI Cooper wheels at launch. Gone are the 16″ wheel options as MINI has made 17″ the standard wheel across both the Cooper and Cooper S. Additionally there are two 18″ wheel options that will be optional on both models. This list will grow when the JCW variant arrives later this year.

MINI Cooper

F66 MINI Cooper Trim Levels

Once you’ve made a call on the style you’ll want to choose a trim level. Like before this couples options together in a good, better, best format that MINI USA has used for a few years now.

Signature Trim – Cooper Only / NCSignature Plus Trim – Cooper S only / NCIconic Trim / $2,700
Heated Steering WheelHeated Steering WheelHeated Steering Wheel
Heated Front SeatsHeated Front SeatsHeated Front Seats
MINI Head-Up DisplayMINI Head-Up DisplayMINI Head-Up Display
Panoramic MoonroofPanoramic MoonroofPanoramic Moonroof
Dual Zone Climate ControlDual Zone Climate ControlDual Zone Climate Control
LED HeadlightsLED HeadlightsLED Headlights
Parking AssistantParking AssistantParking Assistant
17“ Wheels17“ Wheels17“ Wheels
Classic StyleClassic or Favoured StyleClassic or Favoured Style
Remote Engine StartRemote Engine Start
Alarm SystemAlarm System
Comfort AccessComfort Access
Active Driving AssistantActive Driving Assistant
Comfort PackageComfort Package Plus
Power Front Seats
Interior Camera
ACC Stop&Go
Harman Kardon

F66 MINI Cooper Options and Pricing

The F66 is ushering in a new era of options for MINI. Remote engine start is not only available for instance, it’s standard on the Cooper S. Active Driving Assistant is also now standard on the Cooper S and Dynamic Cruise is standard across the range.

Outside of the Trims there are few options and almost none in the Cooper. Dynamic Dampers ($500), interior camera ($250), ACC Stop & Go + Active Driving Assistant ($600), Harman Kardon ($850) and roof rails ($250) are only available on the Cooper S for instance.

• 223 Dynamic Damper Control / $500
• 386 Roof Rails / $250
• 459 Power & Massaging Front Seats / $1000 (NC w/Iconic)
• 4NR Interior Camera Included in package / $250 (NC w/Iconic)
• 5AT ACC Stop & Go + Active Driving Assistant Included in package $600 (NC w/Iconic)
• 688 Harman Kardon / $800 (NC w/Iconic)

The packages are very dependent on the Trim levels as some are actually included in the Iconic Trim for instance.

Comfort package (Cooper S only) / $950 (NC w/Signature Plus)
322 Comfort Access keyless entry
430 Auto-dimming interior and exterior mirrors
431 Auto-dimming rearview mirror
6NX Wireless Device Charging

Signature Trim (Cooper Only) / NC
ZAK Without Blind Spot Detection and PDC
or 5AS Active Driving Assistant ($250)

Signature Plus Trim (Cooper S only) / NC
7EA Classic Style
or 7EP Favoured Style
7RS Comfort package

MINI Cooper

USA Specific MINI Cooper Performance Figures

In the US power and torque can be measured slightly differently and thus we sometimes see variations of European figures. Interestingly that’s only the case with one model. The Cooper produces 156 hp the same as the UK and Europe. The Cooper S however is rated at 201 hp with is a 3 hp decrease from those UK and EU figures. However that’s very likely the result of measurement protocols and not output changes. The torque remains the same at 221 ft lbs. That takes the Cooper S to 60 mph in 6.3 seconds – JCW territory from a few years ago.

F66 MINI Cooper US Pricing Details 

With a substantial upgrade in standard equipment, prices have risen a bit. The F56 Cooper had an MSRP of $25,800. That’s going up to $28,950. The Cooper S rises from $30,900 to $32,200.

F66 MINI Cooper Photo Gallery