Imagine if you had a secret switch that turned every setting in your MINI to the max. That’s exactly what MINI has done with Boost Mode – a special mode offered on the new MINI Countryman JCW. In testing the new MINI Countryman JCW we had a chance to use MINI’s new Boost Mode and what we found was a shortcut to maximum attack.

Boost Mode is a bit of a cheat code for MINI drivers. In short it activates of all max performance setting for a total of 10 seconds. In our brief testing we found it to be the ideal weapon for overtaking on back roads or powering out of tight corners. It also can work as a type of launch mode for optimal acceleration.

In our experience it found it perfect for putting the car on its toes and prepping it for maximum attack. And it’s a great shortcut. To replicate it you’d have to do the following: Select GoKart Mode with the center toggle and then go to the mode’s secondary menu to pick all of the sportiest individual settings. 

One thing it doesn’t do is add more power. Unlike similar functionality in other cars, Boost Mode doesn’t activate any additional power or torque.

Boost Mode available exclusively on the new U25 MINI Countryman JCW.