The first ever electric MINI Countryman SE delivers the electric driving experience we’ve been waiting for. But how does it compare with its petrol siblings and does it still feel MINI-like?

The all electric MINI Countryman SE is a huge moment for the brand. It’s got 313 hp, up to 287 miles of WLTP range and more room than ever. But could MINI finally crack the code and create an electric car that appealed to the masses? We went to Portugal to meet with MINI designers, engineers and (most importantly) get behind the wheel for some answers.

MINI Countryman SE Test notes

Our test was primarily focused on the area to the west and north west of Lisbon where we could find plenty empty of mountain and coastal roads. The weather was a mixed bag of sun and downpours giving us a great opportunity to get a sense for how MINI has tuned this car at the limit of adhesion.

We put around 200 miles on the car in total and our range just under 25% remaining. That was with a very heavy right foot and no regard for saving energy. If those calculations are correct we would have seen something around a 250 miles range plenty of urban and back roads along with at least 30-40 miles of highway.

Finally thanks to a GoPro failure we lost a portion of our footage from our review (thanks again GoPro). However that just saved you from watching your author talk while driving. Since we had all of our test notes we were able to recreate that via voice over.