The new J05 MINI Aceman and J01 MINI Cooper may not look that similar on the surface. But looking deeper these two cars are extraordinarily similar in tech and even in some dimensions. We have an exclusive look at data that paints an interesting picture of incredible similarities and a few key differences.

Looking at the specifications, the first thing you realize is that the Aceman is based on a stretched version of the J01 skateboard chassis. First off that means we’ll see identical technical specs (more on that later) and an exclusively front wheel drive product line. Because of this, the J01 MINI Cooper substantially influences the dimensions and mechanical layout of the Aceman. So while the Aceman is 192mm (7.6″) longer and 130mm (5.1″) wider than the new Cooper, it’s only 23mm (1″) wider.

What becomes very obvious the more you look is that the Aceman is truly just a stretched J01 with extra doors and a taller roofline. Another way to look at it is in terms of the F56 family of MINIs. Like the F55 MINI Cooper four door (itself a stretch version of the F56), the J05 is a longer, more spacious J01. Which in turn makes something else pretty obvious – the Aceman is not is a direct replacement for the recently departed and larger Clubman.

The J05 vs the J01 – Mechanical Similarities

Because of this close relationship with the J01 both the battery and the electric motor output are identical. This gives MINI great economies of scale but it also means the J05 has to use power units and batteries designed for a smaller car. Because of this (and the weight penalty that the J05 has over the J01) we expect a lower range and less performance compared to the new Cooper EV.

j05 MINI Aceman

Another carry over from the J01 the front wheel drive architecture that underpins the J05 Aceman. This is due to the J01 chassis not being designed to offer a two engine layout that would allow for which all wheel drive in an electric vehicles. This engineering choice unfortunately means the Aceman as little if no off-road credentials other than well groomed trails.

ModelsJ01 Cooper EJ01 Cooper SEJ05 Aceman EJ05 Aceman SE
Power184 hp218 hp184 hp218 hp
Torque214 lb-ft243 lb-ft214 lb-ft243 lb-ft
Transmission1 speed1 speed1 speed1 speed
0-60 mph7.3 sec6.7 secTBATBA
Range 200 miles250 milesTBATBA
Length (mm/inches)3858 mm / 151.8 in3858 mm / 151.8 in4079 mm / 161 in4079 mm / 161 in
Width w/o Mirros (mm/inches)1756 mm / 69 in1756 mm / 69 in1754 mm / 69 in1754 mm / 69 in
Height (mm)1460 mm / 57 in1460 mm / 57 in1754 mm / 69 in1514 mm / 59.6 in
Wheelbase (mm)2526 mm / 99 in2526 mm / 99 in2606 mm / 102.6 in2606 mm / 102.6 in
Curb weight (kg/lbs)1540 kg / 3,395 lbs1605 kg / 3,538 lbs1710 kg / 3,770 lbs1710 kg / 3,770 lbs
Weight distribution (Front/Rear)F58% / R 42%F 57% / R 43%F 57% / R 43%F 55.8% / R 44.2%
Front Overhang746 mm / 29.3 in746 mm / 29.3 in756 mm / 29.8 in756 mm / 29.8 in
Rear Overhang586 mm / 23 in586 mm / 23 in717 mm / 28.2 in717 mm / 28.2 in
Luggage capacity (seats up/seats down210 / 800 L210 / 800 L450 / 1450 L450 / 1450 L
The SE versions of the Cooper and the Paceman substantially up the power in comparison to the F56 Cooper S.

One area where there’s a material difference is luggage capacity. As you can see above the Aceman has more than double the capacity with there seats up. That difference decreases slight when the seats are down but it’s still a respectable 1450 liters. How does that compare to the dimensionally similar R60 Countryman? It’s identical with the seats up at 450 liters but the Aceman actually has 280 liters more space with the seats down. Comparing that to the more recent F60 Countryman the Aceman still holds it’s down with an identical luggage figure with the seats up but surprisingly 60 more liters when the seats are folded down. Getting more space out of a smaller footprint is a huge advantage of skateboard chassis EV vehicles as the Aceman proves.

Inside the J05 Aceman will be leverage the J01 Cooper’s interior layout in its entirety. That means we’ll see the seats and exact center stack design from the J01 and not the larger center stack from the Countryman. This will include the J01’s seat mounted armrest, slimmer center console and more horizontal smartphone charging area.

j05 MINI Aceman

Will the MINI Aceman Come to the United States and the rest of North America?

One benefit of these similarities is that putting these two vehicles down the same production line is relatively easy. While the MINI Aceman will initially be built in China, we expect it will expand to UK production at the same time as the J01 Cooper in 2026. The cars being produced in the UK will serve Europe and likely the North American markets. This will allow MINI to avoid tariffs as it likely begins US imports in the 2026 calendar year. The key word is likely as sources tell us final decisions on where the Aceman will be sold are still being made.