Earlier this month we brought you our own F66 MINI Cooper ordering guide for the US market. This week we’re following that up with the same in-depth look but for the all new U25 MINI Countryman. We go into detail on the colors, options, wheels and trim packages much of which are all new. Consider this our cheat code for ordering a new U25 MINI Countryman in the US.

MINI Cooper Availability and Ordering Process for the US

 MINI USA is offering a wide variety of  design elements. This along with MINI USA’s trims means ordering a new U25 MINI Cooper is a bit more confusing than before. However if you remember the basics it’s fairly straight forward. The first step of course is the model. The Countryman S and JCW will be on sale in early May with the electric SE coming in early September.

MINI USA’s U25 MINI Countryman Styles

This is where things get a bit confusing. In addition to Trims (which MINI USA has offered for years) we now have “styles”. These styles are just the start as we may see one or two added and maybe even a name change.

U25 MINI Countryman Classic Style

In the mean time we have classic and favoured. The differences can be summed up simply – one is dark and one is light. One has matte black trim inside and out while one has a light gold color (MINI calls this Vibrant Silver) trim inside and out.

These changes are summed up above. For those looking for even more variation – we’re told there’s a lot coming in the future including some wild dashboard designs.

MINI Countryman Seat Options

MINI has completely rethought the design of their seats to accomplish several goals; save weight, reduce complexity and allow the seats to fit more body types more comfortably. While reducing some of the elements in the seats, they’ve also added a few; massage and ventilation options are now available. They’ve also made electric seats optional on all models – even the Cooper. Finally MINI has fully eliminated leather and have moved to a proprietary material called Vescin. In total that represents a massive shift in what MINI has offered since it’s relaunch in 2001.

Sport Seats

Across all new MINI models there will be two different seats. But unlike the previous MINI seats in the F Series cars, they share almost same overall design. However there are a couple of differences. The standard sport seats have slightly flatter bolsters on both the lower cushion and seat back. These renders don’t show the differences but they are there (albeit subtle ones). The JCW sport seats also have an integrated headrests similar to the current F Series JCW seats. However crucially both do not offer extendable thigh-bolsters as previously in the optional sport seats. 

On paper that sounds like an unfortunate cost cutting move that would make the new seats less supportive. In our brief time we can tell you that doesn’t appear to be the case. The new seat cushion is longer and while doesn’t quite reach the length the extendable bolsters do, they’ll likely be close enough for most. In addition the electric seats we tested have the ability to move the thigh bolster upward which is intended to take the place of the manual extending bolster. And in our testing it all works pretty well. Despite being 6’2” I was immediately felt comfortable and felt plenty of thigh support. Compare that to the R50 or R56 seats and these are noticeably longer and out of the box more comfortable.

U25 MINI Countryman Favored Style

U25 MINI Countryman Standard Features

MINI USA has made some big change in the amount of standard features on the Countryman. Notably many of what you see below are not standard in most markets. This points to MINI USA pushing the Countryman up market a bit based on how customers have been ordering their cars. This is especially evident when you consider MINI USA has dropped the entry-level Countryman (now called the C) altogether. Here’s a list of interior standard features and functionality:

• 90% Recycle Textile Dash and Door Topper.
• 9.4 inch Round OLED Screen
• Panoramic Moonroof with Power Sunshade
• Large Wireless Charging Tray
• Dual-Zone Automatic Climate Control
• Heated Front Seats
• Heated Steering Wheel
• Vibrant Silver Accents
• Vescin Leather-Free Upholstery
• MINI Navigation
• MINI Head-up Display
• Experience Modes
• Active Driving Assistant
• ACC Stop & Go + Active Driving Assistant
• Parking Assistant
• SiriusXM Satellite Radio with 1 year subscription
• Parking Assistant
• Advanced Real-Time Traffic Information 6NM MINI Connected
• Personal eSIM 5G

U25 MINI Countryman Exterior Colors

MINI USA will be offering more colors as the year progresses with colors like Slate Blue coming online in July). At launch the U25 will be available with four classic and four new colors. Costs range from free to $300 to $600 dollars depending on which trim you opt for. Suffice to say if you go with the Iconic trim (the most expensive) there’s no up charge for any color.

U25 MINI Countryman Wheel Options

MINI USA will offer six MINI Countryman wheels at launch. Gone are the 16″ and 17″ wheel options as MINI has made 18″ the standard wheel on the S and 19″ on the JCW. Worth noting that when you opt for the 20″ wheels on the JCW, you also get BMW M2 derived front brakes.

U25 MINI Cooper Trim Levels

Once you’ve made a call on the style you’ll want to choose a trim level. Typically this has coupled options together in a good, better, best format. However for the Countryman MINI USA has tweaked the formula to make it more of a good, good, best arrangement for the S model.

7EA Classic Style (NC on the S / not available on the JCW)

1K3 18″ Asteroid with all-season tyres
2XH Sports Steering Wheel
381 Roof in body color
3B5 Black Roof and Mirror Caps
481 Sport seats
9T3 Classic Trim specific additional content
TCB2 Vescin/cloth combination Black/Blue or TCJ1 Vescin/cloth combination Grey/Blue
ZHL Standard Headliner
7EA cannot be ordered with 7EP or 7KQ

7EP Favoured Style (NC for S or JCW)

1K5 18″ Asteroid Spoke Vibrant Silver with all season tyres (18×7.5, 225/55 R18)
2XH Sports Steering Wheel 381 Roof in body color
3AF Silver Roof and Mirror Caps or 3B5 Black Roof and Mirror Caps
4AA Headliner in Anthracite
4FN John Cooper Works sport seats
9T0 Favoured Trim specific content
KXB4 Vescin Beige or KXJ4 Vescin Dark Petrol or KXJ5 Vescin Vintage Brown

ZHI Iconic trim ($3,200 S / $2,400 JCW)

420 Privacy glass
459 Power Front Seats
4NR Interior Camera
688 Harman Kardon surround sound system
7EA Classic Style or 7EP Favoured Style
7ED Comfort Package Plus or 7ER Comfort Package Max 
ZHI requires ordering 7EA, 7EP or 7KQ

The MINI Countryman Comfort Packages

MINI is bundling a lot of options into their Comfort Packages on the new Countryman. So much so that there’s three of them and they contain the majority of options.

7RS Comfort package ($950)
322 Comfort Access keyless entry
430 Auto-dimming interior and exterior mirrors
431  Auto-dimming rearview mirror
6NX Wireless Device Charging
7RS cannot be ordered with 7ED
7RS requires ordering Z0S In combination with Z0S

7ED Comfort Package Plus ($1500)
322 Comfort Access keyless entry
430  Auto-dimming interior and exterior mirrors
431  Auto-dimming rearview mirror
5DN Parking Assistant Plus
6NX Wireless Device Charging
6UQ MINI Navigation AR
7ED cannot be ordered with 7ER or 7RS
7ED requires ordering ZHI In combination with ZHI

7ER Comfort Package Max ($2400)

322 Comfort Access keyless entry
430  Auto-dimming interior and exterior mirrors
431  Auto-dimming rearview mirror
5AU Active Driving Assistant Pro
5DN Parking Assistant Plus
6NX Wireless Device Charging
6UQ MINI Navigation AR
7ER cannot be ordered with 7ED or 7RS
7ER requires ordering ZHI In combination with ZHI
($900 additional)

USA Specific MINI Countryman Performance Figures

The US spec versions of the Countryman S and Countryman JCW have noticeable more power than the European versions. Historically it’s been the opposite with US regulations affecting the output of European cars in order to meet emissions regulations. However things are changing in a big way.

Now that European regulations are becoming more aggressive, we’re seeing a pretty major shift in what market has more power. Let’s start by looking at the recently release MINI Countryman S with ALL4. In Europe and the UK that car comes equipped with a mild hybrid version of the B48 to lower C02 and fall into compliance with the stringent emissions. MINI USA decided to not take the mild hybrid version of the B48 for several reasons. For one it’s not needed as the B48 easily meets emissions standards. Second MINI USA preferred to reduce the weight and complexity of the car for better overall performance. The upside is the Countryman S in the US will make 241 hp and 295 lbs ft.

It’s a similar story on the Countryman JCW however with no mild hybrid to confuse things. There European and UK versions of the Countryman JCW have their B48 tuned to 300 hp due to the same emissions compliance issues. The US market was able to stretch things a bit to 312 hp – a new high power figure for the MINI brand.

Countryman ModelCountryman C (Europe)Countryman S (Europe)JCW (Europe)Countryman S (USA)JCW (USA)
Power170 hp204 hp300 hp241 hp312 hp
TorqueTBD266 ft lbs295 ft lbs295 ft lbs295 ft lbs
Transmission7 speed DCT7 speed DCT7 speed DCT7 speed DCT7 speed DCT
Drivetrainfront wheel driveall-wheelall-wheelall-wheelall-wheel
Powertrain typepetrol/mild hybridpetrol/mild hybridpetrolpetrolpetrol
Engine Power156 hp / 4700 – 6500201 hp300 hpTBD313 hp
Engine Torque 177 hp / 4700 – 6500266 ft lbs295 ft lbsTBD295 lb
Electric Power19 hp (temporary)19 hp (temporary)N/AN/AN/A
Electric TorqueTBDTBDN/AN/AN/A
0-60 mph8.3TBD5.2TBD5.1
Maximum speed132 mphTBD132 mph132 mph155 mph
Curb weight (LBS)3,571 lbsTBDTBDTBD3,825 lbs

U25 MINI Countryman US Pricing and On-Sale Dates 

With a substantial upgrade in standard equipment, prices have risen a bit. The ICE powered 2024 Countryman S will start at $38,900 in the US. That will get you a fairly well equipped car but certainly not loaded. The Countryman JCW starts at $46,900 well equipped.

Both cars are currently in production at Leipzig in Germany and should arrive in Showrooms in the latter half of April. MINI USA will likely begin official sales in early May.