The new Countryman is big. But this is nothing new as the Countryman has grown in every generation since its 2010 launch. But just how bigger is the new U25 MINI Countryman and what does that give you in terms of space? We’ve got a detailed look at all the dimensions and specs.

The F60 Countryman debuted in 2017 and looked massive in comparison. It grew 8″ in length and offered much more legroom (especially in the rear) and a huge increase in luggage space. That’s actually quite a bit more than the new Countryman which has grown almost 50% less than the F60 grew over the R60. Yet it looks massive in comparison. Some of that is surely down to it being a new car, a new shape and a larger MINI than we’ve ever seen before. But it’s also due to where the size increase has come from.

As you can see below the biggest increase by percentage is actually height which is quite noticeable in person. Then there’s the length which has grown primarily in one spot – behind the rear tires.

R60 Countryman Cooper (’10-’16) F60 Countryman Cooper (’17-’23)U25 Countryman C (’24-’32)
Length4097 mm / 161.3 in4298 mm / 169.2 in4429 mm / 174.37 in
Height1562 mm / 61.5 in1557 mm / 61.3 in1613 mm / 63.5 in
Wheelbase2596 mm / 102.2 in2670 mm / 105.1 in2670 mm / 105.11 in
Weight3,020 lbs3,318 lbs 3,571 lbs

Having spent a fair amount of time in the new U25 Countryman we’ve found a car that noticeably bigger on both the outside as well as inside. There’s a touch more legroom, elbow room and noticeably more luggage space in the back. You can see in the numbers above where that space comes from. The biggest change is the length and a lot of that is in the rear luggage area which has grown considerably. Given the market needs, this change feels spot on and what MINI needed to do. Especially given the Aceman will fill the void and be sized close to the original R60 Countryman.

MINI Cooper countryman

The new Countryman and Its Weight

When we looked at the new Countryman’s technical specifications for the first time, the thing that jumped out to us was the curb weight. It’s up as we anticipated but (also as we predicted) not as much as you’d think given the size and equipment increase. For instance the F60 2023 JCW Countryman weighs 3,688 lbs. Compare that to the all new U25 JCW Countryman at 3,825 lbs and you have only a 137 lbs difference. We say only because there was a lot of us who assumed it would be quite a bit higher. This is likely due to the various weight savings measures that BMW built into the new FAAR platform including extensive use of aluminum and lighter steel.

Countryman ModelCountryman E (EV)Countryman SE (EV)Countryman C (ICE)Countryman S (ICE)JCW (ICE)
Power204 hp313 hp167 hp241 hp300 hp
TorqueTBDTBD206 lb295 lb295 lb
Transmission1 Speed1 Speed7 speed DCT7 speed DCT7 speed DCT
Powertrain typeelectricelectricpetrolpetrolpetrol
WLTP l/100 kmN/AN/A40.9 – 46.3TBD34 – 36.2
Length (mm/inches)4444 / 1754444 / 1754444 / 1754444 / 1754444 / 175
Width (mm/inches)1843 / 731843 / 731843 / 731843 / 731843 / 73
Height (mm)TBDTBD1661 / 65TBD1665 / 66
Wheelbase (mm)2069 / 812069 / 812069 / 812069 / 812069 / 81
Curb weight (LBS)TBDTBD3,571 lbsTBD3,825 lbs
Fuel Capacity L/GallonsN/AN/A45 / 11.854 / 14.354 / 14.3
Luggage capacity (liters)505 – 1530 L505 – 1530 L505 – 1530 L505 – 1530 L505 – 1530 L
European Specs. MINI USA has different output numbers across the board.
MINI Cooper countryman
The new Countryman next to a true heavy weight – the BMW X7

While we’ve driven both the JCW and electric SE version of the Countryman, it’s the JCW that provides the best way to compare with the previous generations given that there were only electric models before now. In our time with the new Countryman JCW, it’s clear engineers have done an excellent job in hiding the extra size and even mass present. That said there’s no way to get around that this new Countryman is heavier and (crucially) has more weight up higher than before. But for the vast majority of customers there’s little discernible downside to the extra side and weight. In fact the way MINI has engineered the steering and suspension most will find this new Countryman both easier to drive while producing more feedback through its quicker steering.

But what do you think? Has the Countryman grown to the right size or is the F60 (or R60) your ideal MINI crossover?