After years of requests, MINI is finally offering a remote start option. Long requested from those in both very warm and very cold climates, the remote engine start will work primarily with the MINI remote app allowing owners to warm their cars ahead of departure. But what models and when will it be available? We’ve got details.

The new remote start option will be all petrol powered U25 Countryman starting with March production. Similarly the option will be optional on all F66 Cooper models also starting with March production. Eventually the option will also be available on the F65 four door Cooper when it begins production in July of this year. Finally we’ll also see it on the F67 Cooper convertible as it begins production in November.

How does it work? Two ways, first there’s the app. From the MINI app you’ll not only be able to start the car but define the exact time you’d like to start it. Crucially this also will allow you to set the heating or cooling temperatures to pre-condition the cabin.

The other option is the fob. With the fob simply click the lock button three times within a distance of 100 to 230 feet and the car will start.

However there’s an important caveat when using the fob. Assuming the system works like the BMW X1, the only way to remotely turn on the air conditioning or heating will be via the app or by pre-selecting the departure time in the car’s climate setting.