The highly anticipated new MINI USA configurator is now live! The new configurator is essentially the old experience with some small upgrades to accommodate the new way MINI is allowing customers to build their cars. It also is missing a few options and plenty of models that will come later this year. But at the very least, its not live and ready to help customers visualize their cars.

An important companion to the new configurator will be our own 2025 ordering guide that helps to layout exactly what’s available and how best to spec your MINI:

MotoringFile 2025 (F66) MINI Cooper Ordering Guide

MotoringFile 2025 U25 MINI Countryman Ordering Guide

While there are no surprises in this configurator we haven’t already reported, it will make certain things more evident to would be buyers. For instance the F66 MINI Cooper will come standard with a sunroof that cannot be deleted in the build. That could disappoint a few who prefer a lighter weight or simpler car. And for those who live in the southwest and are concerned about the fairly weak sunshades MINI has had, don’t be. The new version in both the Cooper and Countryman is much more of a full blackout shade.

You’ll also notice just how prominently the two different “styles” that MINI USA is offering change the look of the Cooper. And then there’s the complete lack of options inside the Countryman JCW that might surprise a few. Basically you can have any color of interior as long as you like black and red.

It’s also important to note that in the US there is no JCW “style” like in Europe or the UK (where it’s called “sport” that take the JCW appearance and apply it to any model. MINI USA is taking the stance that the JCW appearance should be exclusive to actual JCW models. That means the only way to get a JCW appearance is to buy a JCW model full stop. Similarly you cannot get a “Classic” or “Favoured” look on a JCW.

Look for MINI to eventually add more options and color and trim choices to the range and production ramps up And we fully expect MINI to introduce new interior choices in the next model year as well. Now enough talk. Go and build your own!

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