The BMW Group (which includes MINI) and Rimac Technology have officially announced a long-term partnership. And the goal is truly exciting; co-develop and co-produce innovative battery technology for selected battery-electric vehicles.

What does that mean for MINI? Surely this is meant for some BMW hyper car right? We think this will be much more and will eventually touch future MINI products.

The current J01 Cooper E

As with most automotive innovations, we see trickle down into the mass market. And with BMWs stated goal of having EVs account for 50% of global sales, it’s clear all cards are on the table.

The BMW Group brings battery and electric drive system expertise amassed over more than 15 years to the partnership starting with the original MINI E.

The original MINI E

As an integral part of the Rimac Group, Rimac Technology stands out as a Tier 1 supplier specializing in electrification in the automotive sector. Its portfolio consists of high-voltage battery packs, e-axles, as well as electronics and software solutions.

Rimac Technology products are designed, engineered and produced in-house to offer advanced technology with a high degree of customization. The long-term partnership with the BMW Group is a sign of the Rimac Technology transition from niche high-performance solutions supplier to high-volume Tier 1 supplier. And that’s where we see not just an opportunity for future electric BMW 3 Series (for example) to benefit but perhaps even a (soon to be) fully electric brand like MINI.

The Vision Neue Klasse

The two partners will release more details about what form the strategic tie-up will take, as well as its scope and content, at a later stage.

Separately from the new strategic cooperation, the BMW Group is preparing the debut of the sixth generation of BMW eDrive technology, which will bring another significant leap forward in all customer-relevant attributes, such as range and charging time. We’ll see this tech filter into the next generation Countryman around 2028.