The Aceman the first all new model from MINI since the original Countryman in 2010. So to say this is just another new car launch for MINI is a huge understatement. But What does the Aceman look like in the flesh and how does it compare with the rest of the line-up? We’ve got the first ever video and our best view yet of MINI’s all new model.

The MINI Aceman crossover is actually based on the smaller J01 MINI Cooper EV. In fact it’s so heavily connected to that car that it will share all of its drivetrain including its electric motor, battery pack and electronics. In many ways the relationship between the J01 MINI Cooper and the J05 Aceman is not that different than the F56 two door hatch to the F55 four door hatch. The key difference of course is height and proportions which was likely much easier to alter with a skateboard chassis given its fully electric origins. 

As you can see in the video above it also ushers in a twist on MINI’s new design language. What do you think? Has MINI created another hit with the Aceman as it did in 2010 with the Countryman? Or did they miss the mark? let us know in the comments below.