As with all new MINIs, the Aceman will offer the choice of four trims which group design elements into a single cohesive look. But understanding these difference trims will be essential in understanding how to spec and order a MINI Aceman.

MINI’s Trim concepts are the same on the Aceman as they are on the new Cooper and Countryman. However the Aceman has a few unique aspects that tie in with the overall design aesthetic. Let’s take a look.

Essential Trim

The Essential Trim the standard trim level and features a simple, somewhat basic look.

• Limited selection of body colors
• Roof in body color
• Cockpit and door panels in black
• Interior and exterior accents in Vibrant Silver
• Radiator grille surround in black

Classic Trim

Classic is for everyone who appreciates MINI’s iconic looks and timeless design options. This trim brings MINI’s prestigious heritage into the present, with cool technical features and a range color options.

• Cockpit and door panels in subtly shimmering 3D knit material in a double tone of black/blue
• High-quality Vescin/fabric sports seats with a houndstooth pattern in gray or black
• Three-spoke sports steering wheel with decorative stitching and accents in Vibrant Silver
• Radiator grille surround in high-gloss black
• Optional contrast roof in black or white or with a multi-tone color gradient

Favoured Trim

Favoured Trim is there most expressive option. It’s for the owner who prefers a more modern, sophisticated look along with playful details.

• Cockpit and door panels with knitted material in two-tone petrol/orange pattern
• JCW sports seats in vescine in beige or dark petrol with piping and colored accent stitching
• Three-spoke sports steering wheel with accent stitching and Vibrant Silver accents
• Center console: lockable box
• Radiator grille surround, exterior accents in Vibrant Silver
• Optional contrast roof and mirror caps or optional roof with multi-tone color gradient

JCW Trim

For those looking to be a bit more aggressive and motorsports oriented, the JCW trim is the ideal choice. It’s also an early peek into how the full Aceman JCW model will be designed.

• Door panels in JCW Black
• Knitted cockpit in JCW black with red pattern
• Vescin Sports seats with perforated pattern in JCW Black with red pattern and headrests/shoulder areas made of gray 2D knit material
• JCW three-spoke vescine sports steering wheel with perforated pattern, gray stitching and • Vibrant Silver accents
• Center console: lockable box
• JCW sports brake in black with JCW logo