After what seemed to be an impossibly long wait, the European press has finally gotten behind the wheel of the J01 electric MINI Cooper SE and we have our first verdicts. SO what’s it like? Words like engaging, fun and agile are peppered throughout the videos and written reviews

The J01 is the first MINI built on the brand’s new electric platform that will also underpin the Aceman. That gives you more efficiency in both range and interior space. MINI offers two models of the J01, the E and the SE. As you can imagine the SE is the more powerful and offers more range.

2025 J01 MINI Cooper E2025 J01 MINI Cooper SE2023 F56 MINI Cooper SE
Horsepower184 hp218 hp181 hp
Range (WLTP)200 miles250 miles125 miles
Battery Size40kWh54kWh32.6 kWh
All numbers provided by MINI except * which are confirmed only through unofficial sources.

For a deep (and we mean deep) dive into the new MINI Cooper, head to our the J01 section on MotoringFile where you’ll find data and insights on the car you will not find anywhere else in the world.

But you came here to watch some videos and read some reviews so let’s get to it.

J01 MINI Cooper SE Video Reviews

Now onto the written reviews. We’ve created a quick summary of each but you’ll want to click through to read them all.

Top Gear

The Top Gear review of the MINI Cooper Electric discusses the car’s approach to combining traditional MINI design with modern electric technology, offering a unique and enjoyable driving experience. The review appreciates the car’s iconic aesthetic, featuring classic MINI styling with a contemporary twist, and praises the interior’s quality and user-friendly design, including the central infotainment system and minimalist dashboard layout.

The driving experience is highlighted for its fun factor, with the electric powertrain providing instant torque and brisk acceleration, making it enjoyable for city driving and shorter trips. The MINI Cooper Electric’s agile handling and small size contribute to its maneuverability, fitting well in urban settings.

However, the review notes that the car’s electric range could be a limitation for some. The review also comments on the car’s premium pricing – no surprise there.

Overall, the MINI Cooper Electric is characterized as a lively, stylish, and compact electric vehicle that stays true to the MINI brand’s fun and engaging driving spirit, with a focus on urban environments. While its range and price may limit its appeal for some, it remains a compelling choice for those who enjoy the MINI aesthetic and are looking for a distinctive electric vehicle.


The Autocar review calls out the new J01 as a modern and restrained redesign but a little less distinctive than before. They also found the driving position to be a couple inches higher than in previous Coopers.

Inside Autocar wasn’t a fan of not having an instrument cluster and called MINI rationale: “a poor excuse not to have a proper instrument pack closer to the driver’s line of sight”

On smoother winding roads they found that there was “plenty of zip and incisiveness about the car’s steering, good roll resistance, and a mechanical grip level that you can lean on fairly hard.” However the extra weight of the new Cooper SE was noticeable in certain situations.

They also found that the car’s primary body control wasn’t ideal for highway travel or on challenging road surfaces. That led them to conclude that the new SE doesn’t feel as “well-prepared to bolt gleefully into the middle distance as the best modern Minis have been over the years.”

Driving Electric

The DrivingElectric review of the new MINI Cooper Electric presents it as a worthy successor to the F56 petrol MINI Cooper, emphasizing its modern electric features while retaining the iconic MINI design and charm. The review highlights the car’s updated styling, noting that it balances traditional MINI elements with a fresh and contemporary look.

Inside, the review points out the high-quality materials and a simplistic yet functional layout, featuring a large circular infotainment screen. The driving experience is praised for its lively handling, characteristic of the MINI brand, with the electric powertrain delivering instant torque for a quick and responsive ride.

However, the review mentions that the car’s electric range might be a concern for some, making it best suited for city driving and shorter trips rather than long journeys. It notes that the MINI Cooper Electric offers a fun and engaging drive, appealing to those who appreciate the classic MINI feel but are interested in transitioning to electric vehicles.

Overall, the review portrays the MINI Cooper Electric as a stylish and enjoyable EV, ideal for urban environments and those seeking a vehicle that merges retro design with contemporary electric technology.

Auto Express

The Auto Express review of the new electric MINI Cooper describes it as a fun and sophisticated electric vehicle that captures the iconic brand’s classic spirit while incorporating modern technology. The article praises the car’s design, noting its blend of retro elements and updated styling, as well as its engaging driving experience, which is enhanced by its responsive handling and quick acceleration.

The interior is described as stylish and high-quality, featuring a large circular infotainment screen and a minimalist design. The EV’s range is seen as suitable for city driving, though it may be limited for longer trips. Overall, the review highlights the MINI Cooper EV as an appealing choice for those seeking a chic, enjoyable, and eco-friendly car, with a focus on urban usability and charm.