MINI will be launching not one but two new MINI Cooper JCW models this October. But these two models couldn’t be more different as one will be an old school combustion model and the other fully electric. We’ve got full details on specs and production timing along with a preview of their final design.

2025 MINI Cooper JCW: Performance

While these two new JCWs might look nearly identical, they’ll have noticeably different power outputs.

This appears to be primarily driven by the MINI Cooper JCW being an iterative update to the F56 JCW we’ve now known for almost ten years. That means we’ll see just light updates to the drivetrain and chassis. However, that doesn’t mean they won’t be meaningful.

In what some might see as a disappointment, the 2025 MINI Cooper JCW will not see an increase in horsepower. Unlike the Cooper or the Cooper S, MINI is holding the line on power output and instead bringing some upgrades elsewhere.

J01 JCW (electric)260 hp*TBD
F66 JCW (petrol)231 hp258 ft lbs
* Unconfirmed

But that doesn’t mean there aren’t any performance upgrades. The F66 JCW will have a slightly revised B48 engine under the hood – more specifically the B48A20O2. The big performance update will be torque which increases from 236 to 258 lb-ft giving the car a bit more grunt.

Perhaps just as important, it peaks lower in the rev range. Previously in the F56 JCW torque maxed out at 1,450 RPM. The B48A20O2 sees this change to 1,250 RPM meaning maximum power is even more immediate. These are small but subtle differences that point to a slightly quicker or more responsive B48 engine.

Why are we not seeing a bigger improvement when the combustion Cooper and Cooper S are getting noticeable power upgrades, and the U25 Countryman gets even bigger power hikes (especially in the US market)? We don’t have great answers. It could be related to emissions and the reality that updating this version of the B48 isn’t high on BMW’s priority list. It also leaves room for MINI to eventually tweak software and hardware for a light refresh in a few years. And we know the DCT transmission can handle more torque so there appears to be no component-related reason holding MINI back.


The J01 is a bit more foggy for us but our sources have been consistent in saying we’ll see at least 260 hp and even more torque. The limiting factor will be traction given that both the electric Cooper JCW and the Aceman JCW will remain front-wheel drive only.

There is one function the J01 will offer that the F66 might not have. The J01 doesn’t have a multi-speed transmission but there will still be one paddle behind the steering wheel. Like in the Countryman SE, MINI will introduce a “boost” function that gives you more power for a 10-second period. This will be operational via a paddle behind the steering wheel on the left side.

Finally, our sources tell us that the battery size will remain the same as the SE models. Because of the increased performance, we’d expect range to decrease a bit – perhaps as much as 5-10%.

2025 MINI Cooper JCW Design

We can immediately get a good idea of how both new JCW models will look by simply looking at the JCW Trim offered in Europe. Also known as Sport Trim in the UK, this takes the JCW bodykit and applies it to any MINI in those markets. According to sources, there will be almost no differences between the way these cars with the JCW Trim look and the full JCW coming later this year.

Looking at these renders we can clearly see the J01’s JCW Trim design aesthetic was followed closely in the F66 design. The front bumper in the F66 however has real ducts due to the need to cool the JCW B48 engine and we’re told the brake ducts also remain.

In fact, the F66 JCW front bumper is quite close to what we’ve seen previously on the F56 as you can see below. Elsewhere you can clearly see MINI has moved to gloss black side skirts on the JCW along with gloss black fender flares. This follows the trends towards gloss black we’ve seen elsewhere. Time to get your polishing cloths out.

mini cooper jcw

Looking at the car above you also see a distinctly more aggressive look thanks to the new aerokit. The front splitter literally is split with an interesting center separation that is certainly distinct. The side has some subtle horizontal lines that appear functionless which of course is a bit head scratching given how MINI has gone to great lengths to connect design elements to functional needs. However, things get much better on the side with a subtle side skirt.

The J01 MINI Cooper SE with JCW Trim

Around back things get even more interesting with an aggressive-looking diffuser and almost GP-like rear wing. The 18-inch wheels in Lap Spoke 2-tone design with ten spokes each will be offered on the new Cooper JCW but will have a larger system complete with red brake calipers. There will be unique Chili Red design elements on the front and rear which will mark the full JCW models out over MINIs with the JCW Trim.

mini cooper jcw

Finally colors. MINI has eliminated the much loved JCW exclusive Rebel Green and replaced it with a less exclusive Legend Grey. Why less exclusive? Because MINI is also offering it on the JCW Trim which adds all of these visual elements to any non-JCW car. Also gone is the optional white roof. Instead MINI will offer only the JCW roof in Chili Red, Black or body color.

Inside we expect a single choice of color and trim nearly identical to the JCW Trim you see above. The JCW Sport seats and shift paddles (F66 only) will be standard.

The new F66 MINI Cooper JCW is a mix of the new and familiar

2025 MINI Cooper JCW: Wheel Updates

The F56 JCW is a great car with an engineering decision that created an awkward styling issue. Because of the size of the front brakes and the wheel offset, all F56 JCW wheels bow outward creating an unusual convex shape that looks very different than typical concave performance wheels. As you can see in these photos MINI has clearly changed the geometry of the wheels which seems to have eliminated that issue entirely. MINI will offer the 17” JCW Sprint Spoke as standard (which we see above) and the 18” JCW Lap Spoke 2-tone as an option (seen on the F67 convertible below).

It’s unclear if the J01 will feature the same wheel geometry but it will have identical wheel styles and sizes.

The current F56 Cooper S Exhaust design shows that the “dual exhaust” is nothing more than two small pipes from a single exhaust.

2025 F66 MINI Cooper JCW – Single Pipe Exhaust

For the combustion JCW, MINI is moving from a two pipe single exhaust to a larger single pipe exhaust. In the exclusive image below you can see a single exhaust pipe (with a stainless steel sleeve), the transversely mounted exhaust and even the aluminum shield underneath it. Look even closer and you’ll see the production version of the single LED reverse light just above the exhaust tip which (one could imagine) would look somewhat integrated with the cutout of the pipe.

Why a single exhaust pipe? Let’s start with the exhaust itself. One thing that most don’t know is that the MINI Cooper S and JCW have had a single muffler system since the R56. The fact that two outlets came out the back has primarily been for aesthetics.

mini Cooper jcw
In this exclusive zoomed in photo you can see a central exhaust and single pipe that looks to be in nearly final production form.

In fact there have been more than a few MINI race cars over the years that have gone with the exhaust single pipe design. Why? When asked they consistently have told us it’s both more power efficient and lighter. So in other words exactly what you want in both race cars and modern performance cars.

The F67 MINI Cooper JCW Convertible with the 18” John Cooper Works Lap Spoke wheels

2025 F57 MINI Cooper Convertible JCW

As before MINI will be offering the JCW model in the iconic three-door F66 hatch and the F67 convertible. Once again MINI will not be offering its highest performance model in the five-door configuration. Why? Product planners apparently made that call many years ago in the F56 generation and because of tight development budgets due to having to offer both electric and ICE models, they’re sticking to it.

mini Cooper jCW
The F66 gear selector moves from the console to the dash in the form of a discrete toggle switch.

2025 F66 MINI Cooper JCW: Automatics All Around

MINI has killed the manual in its combustion models and they will include the new combustion JCW.

Why would MINI eliminate manuals despite the fact that the F66 is mechanically identical to the F56 and could easily carry over the current Getrag 6-speed? It’s likely about simplifying drivetrain components and cutting costs within manufacturing. And for Europe (where CO2 targets are much more stringent) the manual is slightly dirtier. 

Replacing the manual is a revised 7-speed dual-clutch transmission that promises faster shift times than before and more responsive manual control via the standard steering wheel-mounted shift paddles.

The J01 will feature the same single-speed transmission as we’ve seen in the Cooper SE.


2025 MINI Cooper JCW Chassis and Brake Updates

This is where the F66 MINI Cooper JCW is a straight evolution from the F56 version. This starts with the braking system which will be carried over. That means we’ll see a 4-piston fixed caliper upfront with internally ventilated drilled brake disks up front (335x30mm). In the back (where there’s less weight to worry about) MINI will continue with a single-piston floating caliper and a disk that’s 259x10mm. All four calipers will be finished in the traditional Chili Red.

The chassis and suspension will see subtle improvements with MINI further refining its adaptive suspension design. While we don’t yet have details we’re told this focuses on improving ride quality while not forgoing any performance.

The J01 will follow this strategy with four-piston front brakes, and a revised suspension. The goal will be to bring the classic JCW into the world of EVs. We’ll find out how far they got soon.

F66 JCW Trim

2025 MINI Cooper JCW Launch Timing and End of Production

Both new JCW models will debut this October however we’ll get a sneak peek of the F66 JCW soon. Rumors are swirling that Bulldog Racing will be racing a pre-production version at the Nurburgring 24 Hours in early June.

ModelPowerDebut DateStart of Production
J01 JCW (electric)260 hp*10/202401/2025
F66 JCW (petrol)231 hp10/202411/2024
* Unconfirmed