The very first few miles in a car can tell you a lot. That’s exactly what we found as we recently set out in the 2025 F66 MINI Cooper S for the first time. What we found was a car updated in a number of surprising ways beyond the design and tech we’ve all know.

Earlier this week we published a written take on our first drive of the combustion F66 MINI Cooper S. However in terms of initial impressions there’s nothing more raw those first few miles. We decided to do something a bit different: record them. So come along with us as we give you our first impressions on the new MINI Cooper S as we drive it for the first time.

F66 MINI Cooper S – Test Notes

As you’ll see in the video, this was a fairly sparsely specced Cooper S. With an MSRP of $35,500, the Chili Red (II) Cooper S was equipped with the “Classic” style which meant it was missing our some key options that inexplicably come free on the Favoured style (which in itself is a free choice). It was also on the standard 17” grey u-spoke wheels and the narrower 195/50 R 17 tires. All this to say this was a relatively middle of the road Cooper S that will probably form the majority are F66 MINI Coopers come in for the US market. In other words a great car to test.

Our test was over several hours and followed the lakeshore just north of Chicago into southern Wisconsin with some highway driving thrown in for good measure.