The first ever electric MINI Cooper JCW is coming and its lead engineer just gave some hints as to how it will perform. An Australian publication spoke with Patrick Haussler, the J01 MINI Cooper’s head of chassis dynamics at the Cooper SE launch recently and he let slip a few intriguing details.

For one the car is in its final stages of development. No surprise there as we’ve been reporting that it and the petrol powered F66 MINI Cooper JCW will debut this October. Based on our exclusive reporting, production will start in January for the J01 JCW.

Haussler went on to say; “I think everybody is quite happy with how the [regular MINI Cooper Electric] cars turned out and the Johnny [JCW], we have already nearly finished it, so there’s not too much refinement left to do. There’s still some work [beyond the handling dynamics] but I already like it very much. The things that you like with the Cooper SE, you will like it even more with Johnny.”

For one who knew that MINI engineers had nicknamed the J01 JCW “Johnny”? It’s a great nickname that would be fun if it stuck with the public. But beyond that there’s a lot we actually know about this new new JCW no matter what you call it.

The design of the car will be very close to the J01 Cooper equipped with the JCW Trim (which you see above). Key differences will be subtle trim difference, larger red JCW brakes and the potential for a (mildly) functional defuser.

It will have much more power than we’re used to seeing in the Cooper with 260hp + rumored. The downside of this is that we’ll see a slightly reduce range for the J01 JCW. Finally MINI has reportedly tweaked the suspension set-up to better handle the car 3,500 curb weight on the track.

You can read much more in our exclusive preview of the both the electric J01 and petrol F66 MINI Cooper JCW below.