Just because MINI is going electric doesn’t mean they won’t make open top cars. Through our sources, we can now confirm that MINI is planning to build an electric (J03) MINI Cooper Convertible. What will it be based on and where will it be made? Let’s dive into what we know.

The J03 MINI Convertible will leverage the J01 platform that underpins the new electric MINI Cooper and forms the foundation of the J05 Aceman. According to sources the convertible looks like it will be built primarily at the Oxford plant in the UK. While our sources didn’t say it wouldn’t also be built in China, BMW forecasts the majority of its sales in the UK, Europe and North America. And yes, as you’d expect being built in the UK will mean North American imports as well.

The petrol powered F67 MINI Convertible will debut this summer with production beginning this November.

It appears that MINI might debut the car in 2025 with sales beginning in 2026. This timing could coincide with a LCI refresh scheduled for the J01 which could include tweaked styling and even higher range and performance.

If we look at previous convertible introductions, expect MINI to introduce several new exterior colors, interior trims and even a new wheel design.

MINI’s first electric convertible was the limited production 2023 F57 MINI Convertible SE sold only in the UK and Europe.

Sources tell us that MINI will likely use a similar top to what we’ve seen on the F57 albeit with more attention focused on aero efficiency. This effort will be focused on reducing drag typically associated with convertible tops.

This also means MINI will, for the second time in their history, have two open-tops to choose from. Previously MINI offered the R57 Convertible alongside the R59 Roadster. While those cars had some clear differences, the only real distinction between these two new models on the surface will be EV or combustion power.

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