This is our first look at the (last ever) combustion MINI Cooper JCW. The much rumored and highly anticipated F66 MINI Cooper JCW is finally here – almost. MINI is giving us our first look at the car as a race prepped prototype preparing to take on the most grueling race in the world – the 24 Hours of the Nurburgring.

We had a hunch that MINI might use the Nurburgring 24 Hours as a launch pad for the new JCW. In doing so MINI is once again making it clear how capable this little hot hatch is. They’re also giving us plenty of new details we hadn’t had previously. However one thing they aren’t giving up yet are any specifications on the car itself. Luckily we’ve got exclusive details that fill in those gaps.

The Details of the F66 MINI Cooper JCW Prototype Race Car

This screen capture from a promotion video clearly shows the race specific paddle shifter controlling the new DCT

The New F66 MINI John Cooper Works #317 will be entered by the private racing team from Nürburg, Bulldog Racing, and will be competing in the SP 3T category. MINI will be entering another car – the 2023 F56 MINI Cooper JCW (#474) that came in second last year in its class. It will be once again in the VT-2 category.

MINI makes a point in the press release say that #474 once again has a manual transmission but no mention what transmission is in the new car (#317). Of course we know that MINI has dropped the manual (likely permanently) and will be launching the JCW as a DCT only model. The video alongside the images released proves this out as well.

What These Images Tell Us About the F66 MINI Cooper JCW

As predicted, the design of the new JCW will mostly mirror the optional JCW Trim we’ve already seen on the F66 MINI Cooper. Its you can see in the photo above, the front bumper will have real ducts due to the need to cool the JCW B48 engine and functioning brake ducts which are essential for any track time – and critical at the ‘Ring.

Like on the JCW Trim, MINI has applied gloss black side skirts on the JCW. However on the full JCW there’s a unique side skirt design that looks nearly identical to what we’ve had on the F56 JCW.

Around back it’s hard to say where the production F66 JCW ends and the race car begins. But our sources tell us that the massive rear defuser is specific to the prototype race car and will not see production on the F66 JCW – at least not yet. One could imagine something like that eventually making its way to a GP model.

One thing that’s interesting is MINI’s use of the word “Pro” in a few places. We see it in the official press release and on the license plate. Could that be a way for MINI to differentiate the full JCW with the JCW Trim that’s available on all other MINI models? Could MINI use the term “Pro” like BMW uses “Competition” branding creating a higher performance, more focused JCW? Or could this just be a way of naming the race car itself?

The Revised 2025 MINI Cooper JCW Engine

While it’s yet to be officially confirmed, our sources tell us that the 2025 MINI Cooper JCW will not see an increase in horsepower. Unlike the Cooper or the Cooper S, MINI is holding the line on power output and instead bringing some upgrades elsewhere.

ModelF56 Cooper JCWF66 Cooper JCW
Power231 hp231 hp
Torque235 lb-ft/1450 rpm258 lb-ft/1,250 rpm
TransmissionManual/Auto7 speed DCT
Length (mm/in)3863mm/152.1 in3876mm/152.6 in
Height (mm/in)1414mm/55.66 in1432mm / 56.38 in
Wheelbase (mm/in)2495mm/98.23 in2495mm/98.23
Curb weight (kg/lbs)1295 kg / 2855 lbsTBA

But that doesn’t mean there aren’t any performance upgrades. The F66 JCW will have a slightly revised B48 engine under the hood – more specifically the B48A20O2.

The big performance update will be torque which increases from 236 to 258 ft lbs giving the car a bit more grunt. Perhaps just important, it peaks lower in the rev range as. Previously in the F56 JCW torque maxed-out at 1,450. The B48A20O2 sees this change to 1,250 rpm meaning maximum power is even more immediate. These are small but subtle differences that point to a slightly quicker or more responsive B48 engine.

2025 MINI Cooper JCW Chassis and Brake Updates

The prototype race car has a bespoke suspension and braking set-up the factory F66 JCW will not see. So don’t think you’re getting that perfect ride height and stance from the factory.

Instead we’ll see a straight evolution from the F56 JCW. This starts with the braking system which will be carried over. That means we’ll see a 4-piston fixed caliper upfront with internally ventilated drilled brake disks up front (335x30mm). In the back (where there’s less weight to worry about) MINI will continue with a single-piston floating caliper and a disk that’s 259x10mm. All four calipers will be finished in the traditional Chili Red.

The chassis and suspension will see subtle improvements with MINI further refining its adaptive suspension design. While we don’t yet have details we’re told this focuses on improving ride quality while not forgoing any performance.

Current F56 Cooper S Exhaust shows the “dual exhaust” is nothing more than two small pipes from a single exhaust.

2025 F66 MINI Cooper JCW – Single Pipe Exhaust

These photos also confirm what we’ve reported since last year; the new JCW, is moving from a two pipe single exhaust to a larger single pipe exhaust. In the images above and the exclusive image of the production F66 testing below, you can see a single exhaust pipe (with a stainless steel sleeve), the transversely mounted exhaust and even the aluminum shield underneath it.

Look even closer and you’ll see the production version of the single LED reverse light just above the exhaust tip which (one could imagine) would look somewhat integrated with the cutout of the pipe.

mini Cooper jcw
In this exclusive photo you can see a central exhaust and single pipe that looks to be in nearly final production form.

Why a single exhaust pipe? Two key reasons that matters in both racing and on the street; weight savings and better for packaging.

2025 MINI Cooper JCW Launch and Production Timing

Both the petrol F66 and electric J01 JCW models will debut this October simultaneously. However that’s where the similarities will end. The EV version of the JCW will get more power but also weight roughly 500 lbs more.

ModelPowerDebut DateStart of Production
J01 JCW (electric)260 hp*10/202401/2025
F66 JCW (petrol)231 hp10/202411/2024
* Unconfirmed

There are also rumors we’ll see this very F66 JCW prototype at the Goodwood of Speed later this summer ahead of it’s official debut in October.

How to Watch the 2024 24 Hours of Nürburgring

The 2024 24 Hours of Nürburgring will take place on June 1st and June 2nd 2024. Like last year we expect the race to be available on the ADAC’s Youtube channel and we will embed the race stream on here on MotoringFile. Also keep an eye out of the qualifying races and test sessions which might also be on the channel.

2025 F66 MINI Cooper JCW Gallery

Official Press Release: New MINI John Cooper Works to Debut at 24 Hours of Nürburgring Ahead of its World Premiere.

MINI enthusiasts and motorsport fans are eagerly awaiting the debut of the highly anticipated New MINI John Cooper Works. It is set to make its first appearance at this year’s 24 Hours of Nürburgring, one of the toughest endurance races in the world, challenging drivers and teams to conquer the iconic Nürburgring-Nordschleife over a grueling, day-long battle of speed, skill, and reliability.

The new petrol-powered MINI John Cooper Works, cloaked in a bespoke camouflage designed by the MINI Design Team, pays homage to the iconic red and white color schemes used for classic Minis in motorsports in the 1960s.

Celebrating its world premiere in fall 2024, the New MINI John Cooper Works marks a significant milestone in MINI’s commitment to innovation and heritage. In a bold move, the new MINI John Cooper Works lineup, developed to push the boundaries of speed and agility, will be available in both petrol and all-electric versions.

In a nod to Mini’s historic victory of the Mini Cooper S at the 1964 Rallye Monte Carlo 60 years ago, the racecar features a distinctive “37” logo, commemorating this milestone achievement. This emblem serves as a homage to MINI’s rich motorsport tradition.

The New MINI John Cooper Works #317 will be entered by the private racing team from Nürburg, Bulldog Racing, and will be competing in the SP 3T category.

Dubbed “MINI John Cooper Works PRO”, the MINI Twin-Power Turbo racecar represents the perfect fusion of MINI’s iconic design and reliability and Bulldog Racing’s track-tested expertise.

The second entry will be the beloved black MINI John Cooper Works #474 manual transmission, which showcased its prowess by securing a podium finish at last year’s 24 Hours of Nürburgring, proving its mettle against fierce competition in the VT-2 category, cementing its status as a formidable contender in endurance racing.

As anticipation builds for its debut, MINI fans and automotive enthusiasts alike can expect an unforgettable showcase of the New MINI John Cooper Works capabilities at this year’s 24 Hours of Nürburgring from June 1st to June 2nd 2024.

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