Coinciding with World Environment Day, MINI USA’s annual survey has revealed a continued strong interest in EVs from Americans. This is despite what some see as a slow down in demand growth since early 2024. But what’s really interesting are the groups that are leading the way with interest and adoption.

MINI’s annual survey, first conducted five years ago by Engine’s CARAVAN®, finds 58% of consumers’ opinions on EVs unchanged from last year, with 28% more positive and 14% more negative. Sixty percent of consumers would consider purchasing an EV, with Gen Z (72%) and Millennials (70%) leading this trend.

While there are been plenty of reports in the press about slowing EV sales, it’s really not the case holistically. As our friends at The Drive point out, while EV sales are down in the US, that’s primarily affecting one brand; Tesla.

As the automotive industry aims to meet the EPA’s target of 56% EV sales by 2032, 60% of Americans are optimistic about reaching this goal. Mike Peyton, Vice President of MINI of the Americas, notes high customer interest in EVs, especially with the upcoming MINI Countryman SE.

“Despite reported concerns in market confidence surrounding EVs, we’re seeing high customer interest in electrification, especially in advance of our future EV models, including the all-new MINI Countryman SE set to arrive early September. It’s an exciting time as the industry shifts to offer customers greater EV choices while answering the concerns of those who have yet to make the choice to go fully electric.”

Mike Peyton, Vice President of MINI of the Americas.

Charging infrastructure remains a concern, with half of Gen Z confident in the current network versus only 12% of Boomers. That likely points to younger generations having real-world experience with charging and having a bit less fear in the process.

This cutaway is from the BMW iX1 which is mechanical identical to the new Countryman SE

Fast charging expectations are high, especially among younger drivers, with 80% of Gen Z expecting charging times under an hour. In our experience it’s this issue that is secretly the most important for long standing adoption.

MINI Countryman SE Range Mentioned for the First Time

For the first time MINI is referencing the Countryman SE’s estimated range of 200 miles. That’s a bit lower than we had expected from the car given what we’ve learned about the European and UK figures. Yes WLTP is much less conservative with its calculations but this 200 miles figure seems very conservative. We’ll have more on the real-world range from the SE tomorrow.

electric MINI Countryman SE

Of course the need for range matters differently to different people and their needs. Most consumers drive less than 75 miles daily, making the 200-mile range of mainstream EVs like the 2025 MINI Countryman SE sufficient.

Lastly cost remains a significant deterrent for Americans with 39% saying it’s a key factor. But there are some nuances even in that number. According to MINI USA’s survey, families have become more open to EVs if efficiency savings sufficiently offsets pricing concerns. About 68% of respondents with children are more likely to buy an EV with said cost savings compared to 47% of consumers across the board. That changes based on generational; Gen Z drivers are similarly likely (67%) compared to just 41% of Boomers.

Survey Methodology

The General Population survey was conducted among a sample of 1,013 adults 18 years of age and older on behalf of MINI USA. The online omnibus study was conducted from April 19-21, 2024. Portions of this survey were previously conducted in 2020, 2022 and 2023.