About MotoringFile

MotoringFile is the world’s number #1 MINI site. MF is dedicated to bringing you review, news, opinions, and every other little bit of interesting information from the MINI world.

About the Staff


Gabriel Bridger [ Founding Editor ]

MotoringFile was born out of a love for all things MINI. Technically started in January 2003 with our first post announcing that MINI had just won car of the year. But in reality it started way before. I grew up with a love for all things automotive. That fascination was particularly influenced by my dad’s BMW 2002tii and my love for all things British. Ultimately the marriage of BMW and Rover brought those interests together in the form of MINI’s rebirth. Since that time MF has grown as significantly as the MINI brand. But through it all we’ve remained utterly fascinated by this little car and the joy it brings to thousands of people around the world.

DB [ Code ]


Founder and host at White Roof Radio, blogger about my MINIs at dbmini.us and assist in keeping the ‘file sites up and running. You can read more about me at [dbmini.us](http://dbmini.us/about-db/) and find all of my posts on MotoringFile [here](https://www.motoringfile.com/author/db/). If you come across an issue with the site, please [let us know](https://www.motoringfile.com/contact/)

About Nathaniel [ Editor-at-large ]


I saw my first Mini when I was 13 years-old. It was a blue Cooper S with a union jack on the roof. I was instantly hooked. I wanted one. It would be 12 years before my dream of MINI ownership came true. Yet even before there was a MINI in my garage, MotoringFile was on my browser. I enjoyed the news, the opinion pieces and the discussion that revolved exclusively around my favorite little car.

In 2008, I started writing on my own site on a regular basis, and my MINI was often part of that writing. So when Gabe asked if I’d be interested in taking over the Editor role at MotoringFile, I jumped at the chance. Hundreds of stories later, my enthusiasm for MINI has only grown.

What’s also grown is my role in the world of online journalism. Beyond this role that started here at MotoringFile, I’m the Motorrad (motorcycle) Editor over at our sister site, BimmerFile. I also took a page from Gabe’s book and founded ScooterFile to do for scooter fans what MF and BF are already doing for MINI and BMW enthusiasts. Since then, I’ve founded Salzmoto, Inc. to take my writing and other adventures in the world of motorcycles to the next level.

Alex [ Senior Editor ]

Coming soon…

How Was MotoringFile Created?

I started MotoringFile (originally named Bridger.us/MINI) in October of 2002 as a front end for all the photos, video, and general info I had acquired regarding the new MINI. After a couple months, and a surprising amount of page hits, I decided to make something a bit more elaborate. I thought a weblog would be the perfect way to present all the current content as well as post information daily that creates interesting conversation. So I partnered with a long time friend and occasional professional partner Matthew Gifford to create what you see today. That original software lasted three years until we had to update the site. MotoringFile now runs on WordPress.

This site is designed and maintained on a Apple MacBook Pro, Apple MacBook and Apple iPhone. We use a combination of a Sony DSC-R1, Sanyo HD2, Panasonic DMC-TZ3, Apple iPhone and Sony Ericsson w810 for photos and video

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