Engadget Plugs In to MINI Connected

The MINI Connected system is old news to MINI fans, but for the tech world at large, people are just starting to realize what MINI is up to in this regard. Criticism abound, like they do for any tech system, but at its foundation MINI Connected is a particularly innovative system in the automotive infotainment world. Specifically, that it's scalable and extensible with new apps and updates delivered right through your iPhone. Has MINI gotten every detail right? Of course not, but the fact that the system can be updated in a matter of months, rather than years, is a huge leap forward in automotive tech.

Video: MINI JCW GP vs. Mini Busa

This from the UK, <em>Autocar</em> has had a bit of fun pitting the new MINI JCW GP against a bonkers little kit Mini made out of racing bits and half a motorcycle. While one could hardly consider this a legitimate "comparison" it is a fun contrast between the two extremes of a track-only Mini mongrel and MINI's self-described halo car.