MF Garage: CarPlay is Here and We’ve Already Turned it Off

After years of anticipation CarPlay finally arrived on MINIs last year. Offered in its latest and great wireless form, it promised unequalled mobile integration and ease of use. We’ve been living with it in our new JCW Countryman and over the last 5,000 miles have formed a few well informed opinions. Notably that CarPlay is at best medicroe and should be classified as beta software until major updates are offered.


Video How-To: Apple CarPlay in a MINI

MINI’s recent addition of CarPlay has been of interest to current and prospective owners alike. While we think there’s still a bit of polish left to put on the Apple software, it’s...

MINI Has No Plans to Support Android Auto

With MINI set to launch CarPlay in the Clubman and Countryman beginning with June production, thoughts for some have turned to Android Auto. For over a year we've heard that BMW/MINI were testing Android Auto for possible inclusion along side CarPlay for a later rollout. Now we have confirmation that BMW/MINI has decided to not integrate Android Auto in future cars.