This bit of info comes from frequent contributor Drew Lavyne

Just wanted to report in to the mothership here… got my mcsa back from service today for the (what seems like) common 2005 supercharger belt/alternator squeal. they replaced the alternator drive belt and fan belt and all is great. But that’s not why I am writing in.

They also performed a recall service which nobody seems to have mentioned that i thought might be worth bringing to your attention. It seems to be relative to the MCSa only, but I’m not entirely sure. I was told there was a campaign for the engine wiring harnass, and indeed they did do some work on my car relative to this. The ticket reads like this:

Cooper 2 eng hrns 0055235 inspect & reroute engine harness-wp1. Checked wiring harness. Found chafing on wire cover. Opened up Cover and checked wires. Found wires. OK.

Anyone else have similar repairs performed by a dealer?