Wikipedia on the Mini

Yesterday’s Wikipedia “Featured Article”: The Mini. A great read for those into the history of the the Mini and the MINI:

[ ] Wikipedia
  • Vanwall

    A very well done article! I’ve followed for a year or so, and the discussion section has been very entertaining reading. The Wiki editing process is quite elevating – if you participate, you are a co-creator of something really big – Wikipedia is rapidly becoming the de-facto web-o-pedia. A lot of places link to it and if there’s an article on something, the Wiki entry is one of the first hits by many search engines, like Google. I did a major edit on a subject that all of a sudden was popping up as cut-n-paste on ebay, other websites, even translated into other languages – it was very humbling. This Mini article is one of the best!

             Rob in Dago
  • What a great point of reference! I really love that timeline. Thanks for posting.

  • Greg W

    Yeah – everything you wanted to know but were too afraid to ask. But we did assemble all Mini variants here in New Zealand as well. Of course some of you in USA are buying our cars to top-up your car parks.