Fifth Gear Drives the 2007 MCS

MotoringFile video Friday is back this week with the first video review of the new MINI Cooper S. Tom from Fifth gear does an excellent job explaining the what and the why around the new shape of the car plus the usual performance review.

  • Billy

    It doesn’t work Lol.

  • msh441

    “It rides better. It handles better. It’s built better and it’s more efficient.”

    Yeah, I think it’s going to get my money, too! I CAN’T WAIT!!!

  • Cracking review, chaps. Shame about his ability to keep the car in his own lane, tho. Jest beggin’ for a prang, if ya ask me, mate.

  • Jeff

    Wow I can’t wait to get mine. Good heavens can time go any slower? If I see any more of these reviews I’m going to go nuts, I just know it. I haven’t heard a single concern of any real value yet!

    Favorite parts:

    The doting camera work. The clear love the reviewer has for the car. The highlighting on the engine roar. The wrap-up.

    “Brilliant” indeed…

  • GSKChicago

    I want one! I love my ’05, but dangit, I am excited. Now I just need to figure out how to afford to get both an ’07 MINI Cooper S and an ’07 BMW 335 Twin Turbo. Um, yeah, not gonna happen in 2007.

  • glad he made mention of some of the interior bits too. i like his “meh” response for the center console.

    the exhaust note sounds good to me. now, let’s see an R56 MCS JCW in pepper white please…

  • Josh Tuck

    Big Lebowski is really making me wish my money wasn’t reserved for other big purchases. Now I REALLY want to make a deposit on an S. The red and black is really starting to grow on me to. I’ll probably stick with the Lightning Blue and white like everyone else though!

  • Matt

    I have to say it’s grown on me. It took a bit but I think the design is much more thought out and refined. I love my 05, but I need an 07 S. I didn’t like the center console at first but with the nav system I love it. Just the way the interior is laid out seems more thought out and refined than the current model which seems cheaper and kid of slaped together by compairison. I think the car as a whole is more complete now (ie no gaps in design). If you go to and click on the international website link at the top they give you a really great 3d model that you can really pick at. When looking at the JCW section you can look at the current interior with the carbon fiber dash and then the new one back to back and you’ll see what I mean by more put together and thought out. I just can’t wait for the JCW version to come out!!

    -Matt Korr

  • Lorien

    so glad I got my GP. I really do not like this new Mini at all. seems strange and way too modern in many ways. i guess some will like it.

  • Big Lebowski is really making me wish my money wasn’t reserved for other big purchases. Now I REALLY want to make a deposit on an S. The red and black is really starting to grow on me to. I’ll probably stick with the Lightning Blue and white like everyone else though!

    It the DUDE, Man! haha.

    Now that was quite effective at making me want a new MINI.

    Love his comment on the climate controls too.

  • GZ

    I was one of the “see it in person to decide” people. Not anymore. Make room on the bandwagon, I’m in on the new everything inside and out. The interior chrome does wonders on the new speedo. Now I’ll chomp at the bit for the convertible. Sign me up for a 08′ MCSC/JCW with carbon fibre everything! 08′ MCSC colors??????

  • Drool.

  • gokartride

    It is funny how these things grown on you. Great review…sign me up!!!

  • oh hell yes. checkerboard dashboard. how did i miss that before?

    i’m there.

  • Rocco Rocket

    Throw out the speedo and center stack ,still hate it, add a cooper hood/bonnet and I would buy one. Who really needs a fake scoop? Oh, and give me a needle for my fuel gauge.

  • faster,Tobias!

    Ohhh..that exhaust note….shiver

  • gogogadget

    That was a great review and fun video… I like that the test model was just like my ’06 (bar the S and pinstripes) – red on black rules!

    I’m liking it more now, but still isn’t enough to make me regret my recent ’06 purchase… I think the ONLY thing is the better gas mileage, but oh well… I will live…

  • O(=^=)OCapn

    Matt, I’ll take your 05 off your hands.

  • Nathaniel Salzman
    Oh, and give me a needle for my fuel gauge.

    I’m with you there. I love analog gauges. The more the better! I almost don’t want them to bounce around a little and not super duper accurate! Ha!

  • Matt

    hey, O(=^=)OCapn

    The specs on my 05 mini are as follows, but I wouldn’t want to see it untill I order my new one. Not sure if my wife would let it go but if your serious I can always find out. The car cost over $26,000 after tax and instalition fees (ie sec system, aux input, etc..).

    My 2005 MINI Cooper:

    Astro Black Body Color Body Color Roof White Bonnet Stripes Chrome Line Exterior Chrome Mirror Caps Cold Weather Package Heated Front Seats
    Heated Side Mirrors and Washer Jets
    Premium Package Automatic AC
    Dual Pane Panoramic Sunroof
    On-Board Computer
    3-Spoke w/Cruise and Multifunction
    Sport Package Dynamic Stability Control
    16″ 5-Stars (Performance Run Flats)
    Front Fog Lamps
    Sport Seats
    Sport Suspension Plus CVT Automatic Xenon Headlamps w/Power Wash Rear Fog Lamp Leatherette: Black Chrome Line Interior Int. Surface Anthracite Cockpit Chrono Pack On-Board Computer 8-Spkr. Harman Kardon Sound System Anthracite Headliner Auxiliary Audio Input Security System 7″ removable DVD screen with remote, folds ove center console when in use (attached to the cup holder bracket).

  • WingNut

    Why does everything sound better when someone with an accent talks about it?

    Looking good!

  • MauiMac

    I Liky!…

  • this is the most awesomist review ever – yes, i said most awesomist. that’s because it’s better than awesome. i love fifth gear – the production value of their pieces is top notch.

  • faster,Tobias!

    Accent? Wot accent?

  • roger

    I’m won over. Looks close enough to my 2002 S yet in some ways better. The ignition bit is trick and I really like the new cabin. One problem — still way too hooked on my 2002 S!

  • Husni

    i…. LOVE… it!!!!

    HELP… need money =(

  • Brian

    They should call their site “Sixth Gear”.

  • karlInSanDiego

    I know you wouldn’t have been able to share this with us if it wasn’t for kind people sharing poor quality video illegally on a site soon to very un-fun because all of that copywritten material will be gone. But I’m frustrated because 2 different guys placed it on there and in both cases multiple attempts (20) to load the videos craps out at between 15 and 100 seconds. DAMN YOU TUBE. Hope that we can get back to good video feeds from servers with bandwidth and maybe even legally. I know that’s not Motoring File’s issue, and I do want to thank you guys for sharing it.

    BTW – Tom is twice the man Jeremy arrogant Clarkson is. Miss seeing this stuff on TV. We got 2 year old run of it for a while here on cable.

  • Husni

    man u gotta be at least damn thankful..

    wut a tool

  • Baker

    I really am still not a fan of the engine. Everyone keeps on saying how “refined” and smooth it feels, but thats not what I want; I want my raw grunty low tech supercharged beast up the front. I love the way she whines and makes all the right noises. To me losing the supercharger has lost a lot of the character of the Mini. This is shown in the drive by shots where you hear… not much apart from a bit of wheelspin.

    Going onto the gearbox.. again, comments of sophistication. It almost feels like she’s slowly turning more and more into a small BMW.

  • alpinamike

    you tube strikes again….

  • allenski

    another great review…but not enough to sway me from my ’06.

    My future second car, though, will definately be a MINI.