CNet 2007 Car Tech Awards

CNet’s car division is looking for the 2007 Tech Car of the year. Among the list of 10 cars they picked that they think have great technology is, of course, the 2007 MINI Cooper S.

We looked back at the cars we’ve seen this year and came up with 10 nominees for Tech Car of the Year. These cars all showed good cabin technology packages, with some interesting powertrain and platform tech.

The seemed impressed with the MINI.

With its BMW-sourced turbocharged engine, a sporty profile, and hairpin-hugging handling, the Mini Cooper S is a tear-away ride. What might have slipped your notice is that this compact coupe is also a tech powerhouse. The 2007 model is available with a wealth of advanced audio options, including an intelligent iPod interface, HD Radio, and a booming sound system.

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