MTTSCan you believe this actually starts _this week_? Here at WRR we are getting pretty excited as you can imagine. Hopefully we’ll be able to share most of that excitement with you as well!

Before going further, do make sure you have registered for the MTTS event you are going to be attending. Besides saving $10, you will get a bag of swag for sure and the proceedes go to local charities. Win-win in my book!

Now, to keep up with all of the action.

To make things easier, I have set up a special RSS feed (actually it’s ATOM, but it will work in any reader) that will aggregate Twitter, Flickr, WRR and You can subscribe to that here.

I have already posted our possible live schedule here in case you missed it. Keep in mind that this is _very_ tentative and is very much subject to change. This is where twitter will come in handy to keep up-to-date should things change.

Stay tuned! things are just getting warmed up!