MINI Challenge Race Car for Sale in the US

For all those wondering if and when any of the MINI Challenge cars would surface state-side, the answer is a resounding yes. But even better one of those cars is now for sale on eBay. However with a buy it now price of $64,000 it’s not what we would cal racing on a budget.

+ 2008 BMW Mini Works Challenge Race Car / eBay

  • Craig

    If you paid a shop to make all the same modifications to a retail JCW I wonder how much that would cost?

  • JonPD

    I would guess that 10-20k would likely be the base for this type of a overhaul. To build the exact same car I am guessing prices would spiral out of control.

  • greg

    Hmmmm…..looks like a bargain when you consider it’s about the same price as the electric.

  • Gerry

    Too bad there isn’t anywhere to race it and be competitive.

  • Hmmmm…..looks like a bargain when you consider it’s about the same price as the electric.

    Oh man, that’s a funny way of thinking of it!!

    This car is not street-legal, though, right??

  • lavardera

    I won’t tell

  • Hmmmm…..looks like a bargain when you consider it’s about the same price as the electric.

    Until you realize you can’t drive it on the street.

  • C4

    Lowering the R56’s stock ride height makes for a very substantial visual improvement, IMHO.

    I wish MINI would apply some of the Challenge race car looks to their street legal breathen.

  • r.burns
  • Brian

    Question, what part or parts of the JCW Challenge make it not street legal?
    I imagine the slicks would be a problem, but those can be swapped out. What else?

  • Dr Obnxs

    The VIN…. 😉


  • r.burns

    The answer is on the MINI web site : only the John Cooper Works aerodynamic kit, strut brace, carbon gear knob and carbon handbrake lever

    Even the wheels are specific, the R112 are not the Challenge’s wheels

  • greg

    Do these come with shorten tail pipes? I wouldn’t want to burn myself while this sits in my garage.

  • Ted

    “racing on a budget,”

    Race cars are not cheap nor do you want it to be! This is not a car for the local auto x, it is a fully prepped race car. It is unfortunate that the only time you are glad you paid so much for a good car is when you walk awaybfrom the crash.

  • grmpydude

    Good one Greg… 😉

  • RocketMini

    I rather buy this classic! – Classic Mini on Ebay

  • RocketMini

    I do wish however, Mini would sale the spoiler…

  • Even better would be a MINI Challenge USA Series of races in support of ALMS, Indy cars, or some other hot professional series.

    That would make it real and give a possibility of actually racing it in competition, other than NASA or other track day events.

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  • veggivet

    Something tells me this car will not sell on eBay.

  • Bill

    It appears the car was sold for $60k to the team that races Mini’s in the Grand Am Series.

    ‘rsstopper’ was the buyer. rsstopper is the team owner’s handle at NAM.

    It will be interesting to see what their plans are.

  • veggivet

    Weird how the bidding went from 28k to 60k in one step.

  • lavardera

    would they be able to use this car in the series they are racing in? or will this mean they’ll now field a car in another category?