MINI Officially Discontinues Recaro Seats in the Roadster

Last December MINI introduced the factory optional Recaro seats across most of the range. And after years of waiting and hoping, the US finally got them in March builds. For one glorious month all was well. Until MINI noticed some unusual wear spots on the Recaro seats of some Roadsters. Production was stopped and the seat belt anchor was supposedly being redesigned.

However yesterday MINI USA sent a note out to dealer telling them that the option has been officially discontinued for the Roadster. To our knowledge this is a worldwide decision based on the supplier of the seatbelt anchor not being able to adequately redesign the part to meet MINI’s quality requirements. So for those who got their March Roadsters with Recaros. You now have a collector’s item. And perhaps some wear marks on your seats.

  • that.guy

    Just wanted to say thanks to the anal people who complained about this and asked Mini to replace their seats. Thanks a lot. Hope you’re happy now.

    • r_k_w

      Blame the customer because MINI can’t deliver a quality product?

      • Hemisedan

        I really wouldn’t blame Mini for this, as I would blame the OEM, outside equipment manufacturer. I would commend Mini for demanding a proper seat belt guide, or discontinure the seat. As it is their reputation on the line, and you seem to enjoy finding things wrong, and nitpicking Mini. Recaro is the one that loses in the long run, as they, probably aren’t the ones that manufacturer the seat belt guide. As for Mini problems, I have had my R 56 JCW for two years now, and all that I have had done is a thermostate/housing issue. Again, and OEM item. No rattles, no strange noises, just a nice car.

        • It is 100% MINI’s vendor that is at fault. MINI didn’t put the engineering costs into these seats just to lose a percentage of sales.

    • Bob Hayhurst


  • I would guess this will apply to the Coupe as well — I think the seatbelt anchors are the same.

    • Kurtster

      I need to know this as my Coupe order (with Recaros) has been sent to me and approved, but I haven’t heard a thing in three days.

      • The coupe wasn’t mentioned by MINI as part of this.

        • Kurtster

          Thanks, Gabriel! My dealer confirmed my order was placed today with Recaros. I am stoked!

  • Gary

    That’s just 2,750 fewer dead presidents over which to agonize about parting with…

  • hemisedan

    I liked the Recaro looks, but not the price. I know that they claimed wear on account of the seat belts, but my only hope is for the 2014 roadster to have something different. Other than the boring lounge seats. Maybe a modified BMW high bolster seat option, that might satisfy me. As for comfort, though, it will be hard to beat the regular sport seat.