900hp MINI to Race at Pike’s Peak

Well known ice-racer Jean-Philippe Dayraut is bringing a 912hp MINI based hill-climb car to the 12 miles of torture that is Pike’s Peak this June. Challenging famous WRC driver Sebastian Loeb and current record holder Rhys Millen, Dayrout is coming with high hopes and a gaudy power to weight ratio.

Check out some video previews of the car after the break.

It all goes down June 30th.

Hat tip Axis of Oversteer.

  • Tintinmcs

    I’ll take one of those engines for my MINI please!

  • Don

    Looks like he’s got just about enough rear wing…

    • Bob Hayhurst

      Looks like he’s ready for a carrier landing with that wing…

  • JON

    A W E S O M E

  • anonymous

    Next GP anyone?…Anyone?…

  • Jaremy Cheetwood

    i doubt its even a MINI engine by any means.

    • As opposed to all the other Pike’s Peak race cars that are running bone stock Volkswagen diesels?

      • Jaremy Cheetwood

        I would be curious to see what engine is in it honestly.

        I was just stating the engine used in a CM is no near capable.