Want an R56? You Have Just Days Left to Order

According to sources the R56 is about to pass one of its last milestones. The last US allocation for the MINI hardtop will be next week. That means that cars have to be specced out by the dealers by 8/28. Once that date passes dealers won’t be able to modify the orders in the system.

After this last and largest allocation is given to the dealers, there won’t be another hardtop allocation until the F56 debuts in the middle of March 2014. And yes that also includes the R56 JCW variant. But don’t worry this won’t affect the other MINI variants or their JCW models.

All this begs the question, are there any MF readers who are scrambling to pick-up one of the last custom built R56s?

  • Scott Sherman

    Just ordered mine and after two weeks of waiting it finally went into production today. Excited to get out of my Countryman!!

    • rickster

      Interesting. I’m thinking of selling my Countryman as well and getting a R56 or wait for the F56. I went from R56 to R60 and maybe going back R/F56.

      • Scott Sherman

        I went from a loaded R55 to a pretty Stock ALL4 R60. Very excited to get into a decked out R56. Should be a blast to drive. The R60 is nice but not zippy enough for me.

  • mdsbrain

    Hmm today I see a “City Pack” Package? Is that new?

    • Mike

      City Pack is what used to be Premium Package 1. Rain sensor/auto headlamps, auto a/c, and chrome line have been removed and comfort access has been added (comfort access was removed from the Technology Package). Cheers.

      • Jack Rowland

        Actually, City Package is what was Premium Package 2 in 2013.

  • lawrothegreat

    I’m assuming the March 2014 deliveries relate to the US market. I’m hoping UK deliveries start in December!

  • Dafful

    Just got out of my JCW coupe and into a JCW Paceman and couldn’t be happier with the move. Both great cars. Once I add some coil overs, a tune and a few other goodies this massive mini will be a gravel chewing beast! I’d pick up an R56 cooper just to mod if I had the money right now!

    • veggivet

      What kind of mileage are you getting on the Paceman?

  • Louis

    Actually working with the dealer trying to get a an order in for the past 2 weeks. They are really hard pressed to find any allocations because they have so many orders coming in. I hope I am able to get the order in soon.

    • Mike

      which dealer are you going through?

    • MotoringAdvisor

      You should make some calls. We don’t have many at our dealership, but enough to allocate to those who want them.

  • Frank Granados

    First year cars tend to be Beta testing products, not only for BMW but most any other automaker. If I wre in the market for a MINI hardtop, I would be very inclined to pick up a last year production model.

    • Erik06MCS

      Couldn’t agree more with this. ^^ So happy I got a late month 06 R53 versus an 07 R56.

  • pmindemann

    Yep, picked-up my 2013 R56 about 2 weeks ago. And after seeing the F56 renderings and spy shots, boy am I glad I did…

    • aaron

      doesn’t want to rain on your parade.. but……………

      “and you will regret once F56 comes out! ;)!

  • Jason Plotkin

    Grrrrrr. I was hoping to do this in October to save for a bigger down payment. I’ll just have to wait for Motortober deals…hopefully I can find what I’m looking for!

  • Kevin Stephenson

    Still saving up for a JCW Roadster…especially after all the great reviews by Gabe. But this headline made my heart skip for a moment until I realized it wasn’t in the mix!


    Although I’ve read that the new F56 will be offered a new 8 speed automatic transmission as an option, I haven’t seen any details as to which type. Would it be a traditional 8 speed or could it be a dual clutch type? Anyone hear/read any specifics or even rumors on that??

    Also, will other models outside of the F56 keep with the current Prince engine well beyond the 2014 model year update on the F56 with its new 1.5L 3 cyl for the base & 2.0L 4 cyl for the S?? I’m sure many out there are anxious to hear what the timeline would be for models outside the F56 regarding engines & transmissions…..

    • Dr Obnxs

      I think it’s the Getrag 8 speed conventional auto with really, really early lock up. I may be wrong here though…. By all accounts it’s really nice transmission.

  • Spa2k

    Why a late-2013 JCW? It was simply the “maximum MINI” (and most entertaining new choice under $40K) for daily duty. (The GP is just too intense for the weather and the roads around here.) It was built in Oxford during the factory’s 100-year anniversary. It was the end of the run of the original-style JCWs (the hardtop). There won’t be any more new JCW hardtops until, probably, the summer of 2015, and even those may continue for awhile with the same engine as the ’13s. Plus, I could special order it exactly the way I wanted it, which I did at the end of April to make sure I didn’t run into any end-of-the-run parts shortages. I’ve had it for a month.

  • M

    Mmm, so does this mean the last 2013’s might still be available next July on dealer lots? That’s when my lease runs out and I’d rather get another R56 than the 2014 newbie. I’ll pass on custom if I can get an R56!

  • Jack Rowland

    I’m an MA at MINI of Wesley Chapel and the information we have is that we will be able to order the R56 up until November. The allocations will get smaller, but we will be able to place orders.