World Debut: 2014 F56 MINI Accessories (Full Gallery)

MINI has released the first images of it’s F56 accessory line-up. As expected MINI is focusing on the simpler items out of the gate, stickers, mirror caps, matts and a couple of wheels. But there is on item that could be particularly interesting and a bit of a game-changer for some owners. Check out it and the full gallery of accessories after the break and note not all will be available in North America initially.

MINI is finally taking the wraps off of its highly anticipated NFC key accessory. The accessory takes the form of a sleeve that snaps on to the key and communicates with the owners phone via NFC. This option will allow owners to perfect the settings of their MINI on their phone and then have them immediately applied as they unlock the vehicle.

Given the fact that MINI lists the accessory as NFC only and not the much more common Bluetooth LE format, it would appear that the accessory will only be compatible with Android devices that support NFC. Unless there’s more tech packed into the accessory that we don’t know of or another version being hurried into development.

Other than the key the highlights here to us have to be the tartan matts and the gold Union Jack that could give a black MINI a bit of a John Player Special feel to it.

MINI will be releasing more accessories (yes JCW accessories as well) in batches throughout the rest of the year.

Note: our light box gallery system should be now up and running. Feedback welcome.

  • KPP

    You guys think those will be the factory JCW wheels? I hope so. They are much nicer than the GP inspired wheels that were on the concept car.

    • KPP

      I am referring to the red car on the seventh line down btw.

      • schüppe

        those are 18” wheels called “cross spoke 506 in jet black glanzgedreht 7Jx18”

        • Roger Seeley

          they look like 18″ versions of the JCW CM/PM “Crusher” wheels

    • Those are the 17s. The ones on the concept are 18s and are coming as a factory option from what we hear.

      • KPP

        Thanks Gabe, that makes me happy. Just to clarify, the 17s pictured above on the red car will be the wheels that come as standard on the factory JCW. The “GP” wheels are options but what about other 18″ options? Will there be others? Having seen the Cooper and Cooper S in person (and driven them), I believe these cars will look even better with 18s.

        • To my knowledge they will likely come standard on MINIs with the jCW Exterior Pack. It’s unknown what wheels will come on the full-on factory JCW.

      • KPP

        Even better news! They are gorgeous wheels. Super happy that they are 18s.

  • mdsbrain

    I like how the baby seat is pictured in a R55. I bet it fits well in an R56 too. 🙂

    • Erik06mcs

      Gabe, will mini officially offer child car seats asn accessory? To my knowledge they havent ever offered child car seats yet.

      • Erik06mcs

        Nevermind. Saw your reply below.

  • Jamesn

    I love the Tartan accessories, reminds me of the Classic Mini Sidewalk LE!

  • Jason

    Here’s to hoping those matts and key fobs come in more colors than just that. Crossing my fingers for a BRG or grey version 🙂

    • JeffH

      What is the purpose of this huge blanket, and could someone even sit back there with this installed?

      • Jason

        It’s for dogs

        • JeffH

          Thanks guys.

      • Pets not people (except in Boulder County, where we are guardians not “pet owners”). I’ve used a version from Orvis (also plaid) for years.

  • Matt

    Any word on when the roof rails will be available in the US? I hated the roof rack on my R56, love it on my wife’s R60 – waiting to order F5X until those are available.

    • We have yet to hear but have asked a few times.

      • Matt

        Thanks Gabe.

  • torobud

    OK what is up with the pillars in the picture of the rear facing childseat – Clubman lives on??

  • sugurunishioka

    I hope they’ll eventually add the cargo area cover like they have for R56. I use it for my scuba diving and camping trips all the time. I basically keep the car two-seater + covered cargo area full-time unless the “backup” rear seats are needed. With the new full flat design we are getting with F56, fully covered flat cargo area would be really nice.

  • Jon Garside

    I am in love with the key fobs – and not just the tech, but the design. I hope the OEM manufactuers make something like that happen for the R55/6 ers. I love the pet cloths as well. We run a clubman, and the seats are permanently down – thats Johnnys space.

  • Erik06mcs

    Will mini offer the car seats as an accessory?? I currently don’t see that they offer any at this point..

    • They have in Europe for over ten years. However sales aren’t high enough to get them certified for sale in the US.

      • Henry Wu